Sunday, August 10, 2014

Editorial: United for Peace and Justice -- the ultimate fake ass

If you're a group working for peace, you don't announce, following the 2008 election -- immediately following -- that you're packing up shop.

But if you're a cheap ass chicken s**t piece of crap, that is what you do.

And it is what UPFJ did following the 2008 presidential election -- immediately following it.

More scared of calling out Saint Barack than anything else in the world, the faux activists scattered like cock roaches when the kitchen light gets turned on.

In doing so, they became one of the biggest jokes on college campuses around the country.

Leslie Kagan has more problems than that ugly chin hair these days.  Now she has to live with being a laughing stock to college activists.

She and her kindred.

And the fake asses have refused to call out the continued Afghanistan War, the continued US involvement in Iraq, The Drone War, the attack on Libya . . .

UPFJ just closed its doors like cheap whores.

Only, thing is, we're getting close to another election.

And as crazy eyes Medea Benjamin explained in Latin America recently, Hillary might run!  (She characterized Hillary as worse than Barack when in fact Barack is worse than Bully Boy Bush.)

So it's time for UPFJ to come back to try to sway an election.

They don't give a damn about peace.

If you doubt that, Google their website.

Thursday night, Barack gave a speech about how he would begin bombing Iraq.

He's given two speeches since.

Look at their front page.

August 7th.

When do they plan to weigh in because it's August 10th?

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