Sunday, April 06, 2014

TV: Joan & Melissa (Jess)

In last week's "A note to our readers," Jim wrote:

Dona moderated this.  Why?  I (Jim) was doing a piece with Ava and C.I.  Ty was doing his own piece. That left Jess and Dona.  And no one thought to ask Jess.  How come?  He really grew up without a TV. He knows very little about TV.  He was allowed to watch cartoons and PBS and that was it.  So Dona told Jess she'd grab it and he could crash with a nap or do whatever.  Only a moment ago did we find out Jess has a favorite TV show.  You'll never believe what it is but you'll have to wait for next week.  We're done for this week.

Jim's provided an oversimplification of my childhood.  We didn't have the TV on in the background every hour of the day, but we did have a TV.  It was in the living room.  My sister and I did watch cartoons and PBS, but we did see a number of other things as well.

The TV show I like?

Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

This is a 'reality' show that airs on WEtv.


I could be wrong, but Joan being a comedian, I believe she's trying to make a funny reality show.

And she has.

Now in its fourth season, it recently found Joan attempting to figure out how her daughter Melissa could make money -- big money -- Kardashian money.

Then it hit her.

A sex tape.

Melissa's the straight man of the two and she instantly rejected the idea.

Which led Joan to decide to make her own sex tape.

This meant research.  Joan visited a porn set.

It meant auditions.

I was shocked that all the male porn stars walked when they found out the woman they would be having sex with might be 70-years-old.  (Joan's in her early eighties.)

Joan is outrageous on this show and hilarious.

I'm not a fan of reality TV and caught this show by accident in the second season.

I've watched every episode since and it's often the funniest thing on TV in any given week.

Jim was shocked that I love this show.

Big surprise, he's never watched it.

If you haven't checked it out, sample an episode at the show's website.  You just may end up laughing.

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