Sunday, April 06, 2014

Editorial: Will prayers be enough for Iraq?

Press TV notes today, "Iraq is plagued by more death and destruction in the countdown to the parliamentary elections."  Why should the lead up be any different than the rest of the year so far or different than last year?

The violence is caused by Nouri al-Maliki.

In 2006, Bully Boy Bush insisted that Nouri be named prime minister by the Iraqi Parliament and not the Parliament's own choice of Ibrahim al-Jafaari.  His term, from 2006 to 2010, was characterized by one failure after another and life was not improved for the Iraqi people.

He was an obstacle to progress.

In March 2010, Iraqis voted in parliamentary elections and Nouri's State of Law coalition lost to Ayad Allawi's Iraqiya.

What happened next?

With the whole world watching, the election was stolen.

There's so much outrage over this or that uncovered scandal in Barack Obama's administration -- the illegal spying, The Drone War, the nefarious USAID.

But here's a little reality for all the outraged posers, the Iraq election was stolen in the open.

Barack did it.

Nouri refused to step down after he lost.

For over eight months he refused.

And Barack backed him.

Instead of backing democracy or the Iraqi people, Barack backed Bully Boy Bush's puppet.

And Amy Goodman didn't want to tell you about it.  All the whores of indymedia didn't want to tell you.  Their job, as they saw it, wasn't to tell you what happened, it was to whore for Barack.

And the corporate media wasn't much better.  Charlie Rose loved to yack on TV with Michael R. Gordon . . . until Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor wrote Endgame which dealt with realities including the 2010 election and then Charlie Rose suddenly had no use for Gordon.

How did Nouri get a second term?

The White House ordered US officials in Iraq to put together a contract granting Nouri a second term (this is The Erbil Agreement).

How did they get political blocs to agree to that?

By promising them things they wanted in the contract and insisting the contract was binding and had the full support of the US government.

But Nouri used the contract to get his second term and then refused to honor the promises he agreed to in the contract.

And the White House?

They acted as if they'd never heard of The Erbil Agreement.

So not only did the White House, not only did Barack, subvert democracy but also, after giving the word of the US government, they went back on the word.

That's a story that the whores won't tell.

And they won't tell you how Nouri has made the Iraqis suffer.

It's not impossible to tell the truth.  Jason Ditz ( served up the truth, "Which is to say the US forced a puppet government into power before it left, despite Prime Minister Maliki losing the last election, and put in place an election system so crooked that even the Maliki-appointed election commission resigned en masse yesterday rather than take part in April’s planned vote."

The thug wants a third term.

It's hard to imagine an outcome that could be worse for the Iraqi people.

Independent Catholic News notes today, "The Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans,  Archbishop Louis Sako Raphael,  has given instructions for a special prayer to be recited in all the Chaldean churches in Iraq at the end of Sunday Masses in preparation for the upcoming elections, scheduled on 30 April."

If prayers are the answer, it's going to take a lot of them.


Illustration is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Nouri The Child Molester."

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