Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why Barack really fell into The Gap

Yes, Barack, pink is your color!

Last week, US President Barack Obama visited The Gap.

Some outlets wrongly reported he was shopping for his daughters and wife.

Honestly, what man knows the clothes sizes of his daughters and wives?

Get real.

So what was Barack doing?

Putting together a nifty cross-dressing wardrobe?


He was scouting locations for his new line of jeans, Fake Jeans.

Barack used Presidents Day to unveil his new line of jeans.

And in the time since, he's lined up last-rung celebrities to endorse the Fake Ass Jeans.

Like I Need Attention Medea Benjamin.

And TV personality Liz Wahl.

But most of all, noted thug and pedophile Nouri al-Maliki.

Fake Ass Jeans.  As Valerie Jarrett says in every commercial, "Oh, the smell of it!"

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