Sunday, March 16, 2014

Truest statement of the week II

Hanaa Edwar, who heads the Al-Amal Association which fights for the socio-economic improvement of Iraqis, points out that among the poor – which, since the invasion, has spiraled, children as young as ten are already marrying and further, that  most of the religious “illiterate people hear it’s based on Ja’fari (law) and think it must be good.”
Yanar Mohammed, President of the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq, is convinced that “Iraqi people will not agree to the legalization of pedophilia … the objections come from all sides, and the number of women who raise their voices is high … It is an abuse of children’s rights and their bodily integrity.”

Edwar and Mohammed are lobbying in and out of the parliament, but “pressure from outside Iraq is essential.”

-- Felicity Arbuthnot, "The US and Britain's Paedophile Colony" (Dissident Voice).
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