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Again into the mailbag.  Our e-mail address is

Erika asks how we pick what to highlight from others, "for example Workers World?"

Okay, this edition we were picking and we wanted to go with the protest story because we believe in people power.

However, the story is garbage.

It calls out John McCain.  For those who missed it, McCain is a US senator.  He's not President of the United States.  Guess who didn't have his name in the article?  Barack Obama.  We're not interested in that garbage.

Kim Plunk e-mails to ask if we "could do an article where one of you interviews Ava and C.I.?  They've been doing TV coverage since 2005.  I would really like to see a piece where they were asked about it and that included questions from readers.  Mine would be: What was your personal favorite TV show of all you reviewed?"

That sounds like an interesting feature.  Jim says he'll try it next weekend and if you've got a question you want him to ask, e-mail us to let us know.

Ronald B e-mails to note "Jim's World" and the poll.  "I appreciate the effort of attempting the poll and especially appreciate Jim explaining what it was all about.  But, honestly, I don't need to have 'interaction.'  I see this website as a magazine.  I come here to read.  If I have a complaint or praise, I'll write an e-mail."

Ronald, a lot of people felt like you did.  Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts.

Grahm e-mails, "I've been around long enough to remember the great collages you used to do about Bush, the MyTV's Fascist House series.  I miss those collages.  But I do enjoy the short features and agree with Dona that they add a lot to the site."

Dona's always thinking about the look and the design and she's made many important contributions there (as well as elsewhere).  We'd honestly forgotten about MyTV's Fascist House.  Those were fun to do but they needed to die with the Bully Boy Bush administration.  It was a lot of time to do and it's a signature thing for that era.  We did do a few collages with Barack early on.  The feature didn't work that way.  In part because Hello (image hoster) was gone and no one else could make the image large enough to really enjoy it as a reader.

Mark e-mailed to ask, "What are the chances of getting a TV roundtable before the end of April?"  Very good.  We may go for it next week, in fact, we haven't done one in a long time.  Thanks for suggesting it.

____ e-mails to inform, "You are full of s[**]t!"  About what?  Research reveals ___ has three different sites calling him out for cyber stalking.  He's a thug and a criminal.  Why is he writing us?  Apparently because of this 2007 article: "Ike Turner (Ava and C.I. feature)."  See, he goes all over the web insisting Ike Turner was a saint who never laid a hand on Tina.

In other words, he's 100% f**king nuts.

Let's note this:

Two poems by Luis Arias Manzo:
Music by the Brazilian poet Bernadethe Ribeiro:

We'll gladly include links but without the author's permission, we can't reproduce poems.

Calvino e-mails to complain that we have not accepted his Twitter invitation, while Inez complains she joined LinkedIn and we haven't acknowledged her on LinkedIn.  To those and many others, we're not on Twitter or LinkedIn or any of that.  We're right here where you're seeing us right now.

To those writing e-mails such as "We linked to you now if you could link to our Netflix coupon, for profit college page, blah, blah, blah."  We're not doing it.

We're not here to advertise you.

You're being paid to promote something.  Good luck with that.  But we're not here to amplify that.

Our e-mail address is

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