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Editorial: Amy Goodman cashed in on Iraq

For most of America, Amy Goodman was a non-entity in 2001.

The horse faced woman who published in Hustler magazine had managed to steal Democracy Now! from Pacifica.

Hillel Aron (LA Weekly) reported Friday:

Pacifica launched Pacifica National News, a national, half-hour newscast, and despite resistance from some stations, especially Berkeley, modernizers pushed ahead in 1996, launching Democracy Now!, an hourlong, guest-oriented show. First designed with a preposterously unwieldy structure, co-hosted by four anchors in four cities, it eventually was consolidated to its two current hosts: Juan González, a New York Daily News columnist, and WBAI's talented news director, Amy Goodman.

Cooper has plenty of bitterness about Pacifica but saves his real vitriol for Goodman: "Amy's an evil bitch. Amy would be perfect in the [New Jersey governor Chris] Christie administration. She's a brass-knuckles fighter."
[. . .]
Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman joined the fray, siding on the air with the revolutionaries, signing petitions and giving an open microphone to the boycott of the network that was paying her comparatively handsome salary. She essentially became the public face of a movement that was targeting board members and posting leaflets in their neighborhoods, which read: "Wanted for criminal theft of a radio station."

"These [were] brownshirts," Cooper says. "And Amy was their leader and she knew it. And I told that to her face: She can fool a lot of people a lot of the time, but I know she's a thug." (Goodman did not return several calls for comment.)
[. . .]
Within a few months, Democracy Now! was privatized. In what may have been a reward for Goodman's support of the revolution, she was handed complete ownership of the show. For free. In fact, they paid her to take it, handing Goodman a contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year — and gave her an automatic 4 percent raise every year, regardless of the size of her listenership or the money she raised.
According to former board member Tracy Rosenberg, Goodman now gets fees of around $650,000 for the right to air her show and for her fundraising services. Rosenberg says: "When you go to business school, they tell you that's how not to sign a contract."

Today, Pacifica's debts amount to roughly $3 million; $2 million of that is owed to Democracy Now!, which is also the name of an independent nonprofit run by Goodman.

That bitch got rich, didn't she?

While chanting in pledge drives "One of us, one of us, one of us, one of . . ."

She pretends to be part of the 99%.

But she's just another millionaire attempting to play the American public.

Last week Goody Whore didn't have time on March 19th to note the Iraq War or on March 20th or on March 21st.

Not one segment.

Silence from the Goody Whore.

It was the anniversary of the start of the illegal war.  Last year, she noted Iraq on three shows:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

But this year?


The Goody Whore used the illegal war to make her name.

She was insisting she went to the silences were (no, she never actually went to Iraq) and slamming the MSM for various offenses -- both real and imagined.

But she used many of her friends to get coverage without ever revealing it.

Friend Michael Powell wrote a fluffy piece on Goody Whore for the Washington Post in early March 2003.  It included:

Broadcasting on the Pacifica Radio network from a book-strewn loft in an old firehouse a half-dozen blocks from Ground Zero, Goodman is a daily polestar for those who crave the antiwar perspective that mainstream networks and newspapers often consign to the margins.
"War coverage should be more than a parade of retired generals and retired government flacks posing as reporters," Goodman says after the show. "Why not invite on some voices that are not Pentagon-approved?"
Her 9 a.m. magazine show mixes investigative scoops (a recent report detailed how the Bush administration quashed an FBI investigation into Saudi Arabian funding of terrorist organizations), reports from foreign correspondents, and very few generals. She and her co-host, New York Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez, speak, unabashedly, to those who oppose a war with Iraq, a roomier club than one might imagine from watching cable television news channels.
A recent Washington Post-ABC poll found that six in 10 Americans harbor doubts about using force in Iraq, while 40 percent are opposed to any invasion.
The audience for "Democracy Now!" is small but growing, and the show is influential among antiwar activists. More than 120 stations carry it, including WPFW-FM (89.3) in Washington and some public radio affiliates. And in the last two years, it's begun broadcasting on Web TV (via and public access television channels around the world .

 And starting today the formerly 60-minute show expands by an hour to accommodate more reporting on the war.

She was nothing and would have stayed that were it not for her posing on Iraq.  She used it to promote the show she owns and to enrich her own pockets.

And today, the woman who slammed so many others for their Iraq coverage?  She couldn't even be bothered for one segment on the ongoing illegal war.

We get it.  She's a dirty whore.  A pretender.  A fraud.  A fake.

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