Sunday, March 02, 2014

Editorial: And the award for ugliest despot on the global stage goes to . . .

Nouri al-Maliki, you dirty bastard, claim your prize.

Iraq's chief thug and prime minister Nouri has declared war on the Iraqi people.

What's that?

Nouri can't be hear with us?

He's found a children's playground in Falluja to bomb?

Well that is his way.  As so many photos can attest.  Here's just two:

Here are photos of two 'terrorists' that Jane Arraf apparently feels were appropriately targeted by Nouri.

  1. نموذج آخر لأهداف جيش المالكي الارهابي في حربه على الشعب: .
  2. نموذج لأهداف جيش المالكي الارهابي في حربه على الشعب: .

We call them innocent children who were injured by Nouri's forces.

He calls them terrorists.

We're sure he'd explain how they were terrorists or would become terrorist and how harming small children proves he's a big man.

Crazy people say a lot of crazy s**t.

He couldn't do it alone, to be sure.  So he'd probably want to offer a shout out to his Big Kahuna Barack Obama for supplying him with the weapons he can now use on the people of Anbar Province.

While he'd be thanking Barack, he'd have no praise for some others.

Struan Stevenson of the European Parliament, for example, wouldn't get thanks from Nouri.  No, not after  "Iraq - Genocide in Fallujah:"

The unfolding tragedy in the Iraqi city of Fallujah seems to have slipped off the international radar screen, as the focus of the global community drifts from Syria to Kiev and back again. The humanitarian situation in Fallujah is dire. The sectarian prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki has surrounded the city with thousands of troops, effectively sealing it off. The Iraqi air force has mounted daily bomb attacks, cutting off electricity and water supplies and destroying several bridges in an effort to prevent food and water from reaching the besieged inhabitants. Last week, they bombed Fallujah General Hospital, killing nearly all of the doctors and nurses and many of the patients and forcing its closure. More than 300,000 people have been made homeless.
Ban Ki Moon and the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) continue to plead with Maliki to provide humanitarian aid to the city and to enter into negotiations that can bring an end to violence in the predominantly Sunni, Al Anbar Province. The sharp response from the aggressively pro-Shia prime minister was there would be "no negotiation with terrorists." In a single sentence he has labeled all of the residents of Iraq's largest province as "terrorists" in order to justify his genocidal campaign.

And we're sure Nouri wouldn't give any shout outs to The Economist which noted last week:

Since sending the Iraqi army to dismantle a protest camp in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar, in December, Iraqi security forces have been embroiled in a standoff with tribal fighters, some backed by al-Qaeda types who are also fighting in neighbouring Syria. From a former American base, the Iraqi army has mortared the outskirts of the city of Fallujah, sending over 300,000 civilians fleeing in the biggest displacement since the civil war of 2006-2007.
Iraq’s government bills the battle as a fight against al-Qaeda rather than a struggle against Sunni Iraqis who say the government arrests and executes its young men and has shut it out of power. Unable to speed up delivery of American attack helicopters, the Iraqi government has persuaded the American government to lease it some. Both Iraqi and foreign journalists are banned from the area.

He might want to note his 'success' in attacking Anbar.

Iraq Body Count sees 930 violent deaths for February, UNAMI counts 703, Margaret Griffis and count 1,705.

Nouri just knows he gets a real rush from each and every fresh kill.

We're sure that if Nouri were here to accept this award, he'd talk about himself and how he did it all by himself.  But he had a lot of helpers -- western reporters who cover for him ("Earlier tonight, Jane Arraf won Best Modern Day Eva Braun for her work in 2013 to assist Nouri"), rulers like Barack who arm him and a supposed peace & justice community in the United States who long ago walked away from Iraq.

Mainly though, we're sure that if Nouri were here to accept his award, he would repeatedly drop it.

When you have as much blood on your hands as he does, your hands are slippery and it's difficult to maintain a good grip -- which, by the way, brings us to how his assault on Anbar has only succeeded in his losing control over various cities and towns.  But they're playing us off the stage, so we need to just quickly note that no one is more deserving of the award for Ugliest Despot On The Global Stage than Nouri because he's a tyrant and despot and he's butt ugly.

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