Sunday, March 02, 2014

Community picks for tonight's awards

At the end of tonight, there will be no more nominees, only winners.

As you gear up for ABC's telecast of the Academy Awards tonight, here are a few picks made by the community:

Best Actress:

Cate Blanchett "Oscar food in the Kitchen" -- Trina

"Best Actress: Judi Dench" -- Marcia

Meryl Streep -- 2 readers of this site*

Best Director:

"Alfonso Cuaron for Best Director" -- Stan

Steve McQueen -- 7 readers of this site*

Best Actor:

"Bruce Dern is my pick" -- Stan

"Leonardo" -- Ann

"Matthew McConaughey" -- Kat

Christian Bale -- 5 readers of this site*

Best Supporting Actress:

Anyone but Julia Roberts "'i'm rooting for julia roberts ..." -- Rebecca

Lupita Nyong'o -- 4 readers of this site*

Jennifer Lawrence -- 3 readers of this site*

Best Supporting Actor:

"Bradley Cooper" -- Betty

Best Foreign Film:

"The Missing Picture" -- Elaine

Best Documentary:

The Square "Best Documentary" -- Mike

Best Costume Design:

"I hope Catherine Martin wins Sunday night" for The Great Gatsby -- Ruth

Best Picture:

Gravity -- 42 readers of this site*

The Wolf of Wall Street -- 30 readers of this site*

American Hustle -- 11 readers of this site*

Nebraska -- 10 readers of this site*

Dallas Buyers Club -- 8 readers of this site*

12 Years a Slave -- 8 readers of this site

Philomena -- 8 readers of this site*

Her -- 3 readers of this site*

Captain Phillips -- 0 readers of this site*


* "I read this site all the time and even e-mail you and no one e-mailed asking my opinion!"  Unlike Trina, we didn't think to e-mail regular readers and ask them who they wanted.  (Trina's post where she picks Cate Blanchett also includes her readers responding to her e-mail about what food they plan to serve at their Oscar parties.)  We wish we would have.  This was 142  readers who e-mailed on their own, just to offer their views.  For those doing the math, there are 143 votes -- but from 142 readers.  While 141 e-mails noted one choice they were rooting for, Denise let us know she would pick American Hustle for Best Film and Jennifer Lawrence for Best Supporting Actress.

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