Sunday, January 05, 2014

Baby Cum Pants Greg Mitchell

Baby Cum Pants is an Ava and C.I. term for idiots who jizz in their pants -- they're pre-premature ejaculators.

This week's Baby Cum Pants is Elderly Greggy Mitchell who continues to stink up The Nation magazine.

Baby Cum Pants nearly destroyed Editor & Publisher -- after he left, it managed to rebound in spite of his mismanagement.

Today, Greggikins wanted to weigh in on Iraq.

At last.  Some hard hitting commentary.  Calling out death and destruction.

Oh wait, Baby Cum Pants blew his load in his adult diaper and has nothing to offer.

Nothing but garbage where he treats the terrorizing of the people of Anbar as (his words) "the blockbuster movie sequel."

The sequel?

Forget this isn't a damn movie, this is life and death, what sequel?

The 2004 assaults on Falluja (there were two) were brutal and they weren't movies.

Yes, The New York Times tried to turn the November 2004 attack on Falluja into a video game.

But even at this late date, can't we expect more from The Nation?

To read the truths Mitchell can't or won't tell, check out Dirk Adriaensens "2013: Another year of slaughter in Iraq claims the lives of at least 21 media professionals" (BRussells Tribunal).

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