Sunday, January 05, 2014

A note to our readers

Hey --

Yet another Sunday but the last one of 2013.  Happy New Year to all of our readers, those who love the site, those who like it and those who hate it but can't seem to stop reading for whatever reasons.

First up, we thank all who participated this edition which includes Dallas and the following:

The Third Estate Sunday Review's Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess and Ava,
Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude,
Betty of Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man,
C.I. of The Common Ills and The Third Estate Sunday Review,
Kat of Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills),
Mike of Mikey Likes It!,
Elaine of Like Maria Said Paz),
Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix,
Ruth of Ruth's Report,
Wally of The Daily Jot,
Trina of Trina's Kitchen,
Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends,
Isaiah of The World Today Just Nuts,
and Ann of Ann's Mega Dub.

Our first edition of the year and what did we come up with:

Chris Pine.  Ruth brought this one to the table and we all agreed.
Mike brought this one and it's Norman's first for the year.  If 2013 is any proof, there should be many more truests from Norman.
Short and sweet.
This is a fairly standard review by Ava and C.I.  Why?  They're already asleep.  They spent the bulk of the edition asleep.  They have the worst colds and we're surprised they were able to contribute anything.
The assault of Anbar continues and there is at least one worthwhile report from a western news outlet.

We roundtable on the issues you raised in your e-mails.

Greg Mitchell is an ongoing embarrassment.

Ava and C.I. offered this -- they noted it wasn't done and they had nothing to add to it.  We tried adding to it but realized we were destorying it so we went back to their original draft.
Short post!
There are a lot of people who need to take a look at themselves.
We're all very happy for Lynne.

From Senator Bernie Sanders' office. 
Repost from Workers World.
Mike and the gang wrote this and we thank them for it. 


-- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.

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