Sunday, September 22, 2013

A call made by Jess

Picking up with Ava's "Ava's POV" from last week, I knew our friend from college was in trouble and had ended up with a room monster when I spoke to the room monster's friend Bobby or 'friend' Bobby.


Bobby explained that Room Monster never paid back debts, that Room Monster had used her dying sister (dying of cancer) for her own ends and that Room Monster was a wretched person.

Bobby pointed out that Room Monster had 'jokingly' stated that her dog and cats liked our friend better than they liked Room Monster.  That wasn't a joke, Bobby pointed out.

Room Monster was seriously pissed that the cats and dog all rushed into our friend's room and followed him around the apartment. 

It's no surprise they did that.  He neither hit them nor yelled at them.  That was the main difference between him and Room Monster.

And I really can't stand someone who abuses animals.  I really can't.

So that's when my own Taylor Swift sense kicked in ("I Knew You Were Trouble").  She was always kicking the cats or pushing them to the ground and would insist this wasn't abuse. 

Not only do I think that was abuse, I think a small two bedroom apartment with two adults is not enough for 1 large dog and five cats.  And I think refusing to take your dog for walks daily because you're too damn lazy is abuse.  You want to keep a dog without a fenced in yard?  Then you better get off your ass and walk that dog at least once a day.

Or you better admit that you are an abusive person.

If you're late to this story and thinking, "Jess, cut the woman some slack.  She probably worked all day."

She didn't.  She hadn't worked in five years.  Her sister got sick and she moved in there and leached off her sister (whom she yelled at while she laid dying -- a fact she'd admit when she was drunk off her ass).  All she did all day was lay in bed watching TV and drinking booze.

She had no excuse for not walking that dog.

She was just an abusive person.

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