Sunday, February 03, 2013

Editorial: The US press loves to spit on Iraqis

For weeks now, protests have been taking place in Iraq.

Friday saw the largest turnout so far.

How did the US press cover it?

By repeating over and over that al Qaeda in Iraq was supporting the protesters.

That's the story?

The week before, the US press made it about 'terrorists' participating.

11 people were killed and sixty injured Friday, January 25th when Nouri's forces began shooting at protesters.  (Six died by the end of the 25th, the death toll would rise to 11 as the days passed).

Instead of holding Nouri accountable, the US press was happy to repeat Nouri's smear that the protesters were terrorists.

omar bin ali

That's a photo of Omar bin Ali and his daughter.   Kitabat ran the photo of the man who was among those killed by Nouri's forces on January 25th.

At some point, the US press is going to need to learn to be a friend to the people or accept that no one believes a damn word it reports.  It also needs to be noted -- for future reference -- that the US press has repeatedly rushed to protect Nouri by changing facts and minimizing his actions.  He is a tyrant and, let the record show, the press is responsible for refusing to report that.

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