Sunday, January 20, 2013

We are rapidly becoming a third-world country

chris hedges

Chris Hedges' Death of the Liberal Class. came out in 2010 and remains an important book.  Here he is discussing Ralph Nader (page 181):

In 1996 he allowed the Green Party to put his name on the ballot before running hard in 2000 in an effort that spooked the Democratic Party.  The Democrats, fearful of his grassroots campaign, blamed him for the election of George W. Bush, an attack that found fertile ground among those who had abandoned rational inquiry for the sound bites of television news.
Nader's status as a pariah corresponded with an unchecked assault on the working class by corporations and their tacit allies in the liberal class.  Long-term unemployment, millions of foreclosures, criplling personal debts and bankruptcies, the evaporation of savings and retirement accounts, and the crumbling of the country's infrastructure are taking place as billions in taxpayer subsidies, obscene profits, bonuses, and compensation are doled out to corporate overlords.  The drug and health-insurance companies, subsidized with billions in taxpayer funds, will soon legally force us to buy their defective products while remaining free to raise co-payments and premiums, especially if we get seriously ill.  The oil, gas, coal and nuclear power companies have made a mockery of Barack Obama's promise to promote clean, renewable energy.  We are rapidly becoming a third-world country, cannibalized by corporations, with two-thirds of the population facing severe financial difficulty and poverty.  

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