Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Ain't Gonna Work on Eve's Vagina No More (Ava and C.I.)

Failed socialite and failed actress Eve Ensler wants to overtake Valentine's Day this year.  This annual stunt gives the appearance that Eve does actual work and that she cares about female victims of violence.  Oh, if only.


V-Day exists to prolong Ensler's own semi-fame.  She's not about helping rape victims.  But she can be deployed to call out Republicans on the topic. 

There was most recently her self-righteous "Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine . . ." It's a really bad essay and it's praise all over the internet goes to a failing educational system.

Self-righteous Eve wrote, "You used the expression 'legitimate' rape as if to imply there was such a thing as 'illegitimate' rape."  Eve's calling out Akin?

"If it was rape, it was good rape."

Why didn't Eve call him out for that?  Oh, right.  Todd Akin didn't say that, Eve Ensler wrote it in The Vagina Monologues (her sole claim to semi-fame).  She wrote a 13-year-old girl saying it about being sought out by a 24-year-old woman for sex.  Due to complaints, Ensler reworked it so that the girl was 16.  She left the line in.

The age change didn't make it any better and the line told us all we need to know about Eve Ensler.

In her column, she railed on and on about how it was as if she'd been raped all over again.  Re-raped, she wrote, using a term she's grown fond of.   In November of 2011, she ripped off Robin Morgan's "Good-bye To All That" and "In Support of Hillary Clinton: Good-bye to All That Pt. II" in the essay "Over it."  That's not a minor thing.  "Over It" takes its form and style from Morgan's work and does not credit Robin.  This is how women's accomplishments get erased.  And if it's bad when a man does that to a woman (and it is), it being done to a woman by another woman doesn't make it  any less harmful.

As Dale Spender notes in 1983's Feminist Theorists, "But what all of these women have done has all been done before.  It has 'disappeared'.  So while men proceed on their developmental way building on their inherited tradition, women are confined to cycles of lost and found, only to be lost and found again -- and again."

In her "Over It" column, Eve Ensler wrote,  "I am over rape victims becoming re-raped when they go public."


December 2010, we were writing pieces like "TV: Saboteurs" in which we called out the attacks on two women who stated they had been raped. 

Where were you, Eve?

Then or since?

The two women stated Julian Assange raped them.  They were then "re-raped" (to use Eve's term) in public as they were attacked non-stop (see this for a few examples).

Our big, strong voice on rape couldn't write a single word about that -- then or since.

Because Socialist Eve Ensler puts Socialism ahead of all things, even ahead of women.  Women's needs didn't matter to her, the Socialist agenda did.  That's fine.  But go make your name on the backs of Socialists and stop pretending to give a damn about women.

Eve Ensler does make-work projects to get herself some publicity.

If and when she can call out the attackers of women who come forward, we might give a damn about her latest stunt.

Probably not, though.  We're familiar with the many problems in her writing which either renders people of color invisible or treats them like the 'exotic' Native Americans of Dances With Wolves.  We're aware of her transphobia as well.

And being a tool for the Democratic Party's patriarchy?  It still makes you a tool of the patriarchy.

So  the real truth is: We ain't gonna work on Eve's vagina no more, We ain't gonna work on . . .


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