Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kennedy Trait of 2012: Racism

The Kennedy Center Honors is supposed to be prestigious.  It's a sign of just how tacky Caroline Kennedy is that she's allowed the awards to be seen as racist in their selection.

Last years these awards to honor the arts went out of their way to include the British but managed to -- yet again -- ignore Latinos and Latinas.  Did you know that there have been 186 honors and only two of them were Latino?  (Placido Domingo and Chita Rivera.)

It's becoming an annual outcry: Why is The Kennedy Center refusing to honor Hispanics?

And the outcry has turned into the accusation that they're racist.

When next year rolls around, Caroline and company better have found a more diverse group.

Since they appear to have trouble identifying Latinos, we'll help them out: Rita Moreno.

rita moreno

Moreno endeared herself to children with The Electric Company in the 70s.  She came to fame with the film West Side Story for which she won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.   Prior to that musical, she also had roles in Singin' in the Rain and The King and I.

She won the Tony for her performance in 1975's Broadway play The Ritz.  She's also won a Grammy and two Emmys.  Her TV work includes Sister Peter Marie Reimondo on 44 episodes of HBO's Oz and, at 81, she's currently playing Fran's mother on TV Land's Happily Divorced.

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