Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 TV Person of the Year


Shonda Rhimes is the show runner for three different shows on television.  She's not doing Grey's Anatomy and Grey's Anatomy NYC, Grey's Anatomy: Trial By Jury, Grey's Antaomy Miami and Grey's Anatomy: Special Victims Unit.  She's created three distinct and popular shows that are all airing right now.  And her latest show, Scandal, is riveting, is the success story of fall 2012, and provides the writing that finally gives Kerry Washington the opportunity to truly shine (she's amazing and should be Emmy nominated for Best Actress).  Shonda Rhimes has changed and is changing television.

We're quoting C.I. from last week.  But point taken.  Rebecca covers Scandal at her site (such as with "give it up for the amazing shonda rhimes") and Ava and C.I. elaborate on the above in their TV report this week.
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