Sunday, July 01, 2012

Biggest lie of the week


"In practical terms, the upholding of health care reform is a huge relief for millions of Americans."  So wrote Matthew Rothschild (pictured above in Isaiah's "Wheel of Greed,"  a man so cowardly, he refused to come out of the political closet (he's a Socialist) until 2009 -- he had to reach the age of 50 before the man who opines on politics for a living would disclose his political affiliation.  How sad.

So it's no real shock that when truth was needed last week, Rothschild served up sop.

Someday soon, we may be doing a look at all the times Rothschild's blinked.  If something else grabs our interest, we'll cover that instead.  Otherwise, we may list all the times Rothschild's avoided covering something -- a long list of back stabs on his part.  We're talking about issues raised to him that he would swear he'd cover.  And then not a peep.

Pray, Matthew, pray that events sweep us along another avenue.

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