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Editorial: He Killed The Economy

E.J. Dionne was lying on NPR Friday.  That's not really news in and of itself.  E.J. Dionne lies repeatedly.  Ruth caught him lying in 2008:

Enter Ms. Rehm and E.J. Dionne. On Ms. Rehm's program October 3rd, a caller phoned in to flaunt his ignorance. He was calling about a remark made by Governor Palin during the debate between her and Senator Joe Biden the night before. This is the passage from the debate:

[Sarah Palin]: We'll know when we're finished in Iraq when the Iraqi government can govern its people and when the Iraqi security forces can secure its people. And our commanders on the ground will tell us when those conditions have been met. And Maliki and Talabani -- also in working with us -- are knowing again that we are getting closer and closer to that point, that victory that's within sight.

The caller grabbed the last sentence starting with Maliki and ridiculed Ms. Palin for suggesting that the Taliban was working with the U.S. He dubbed it a "tremendous blunder."

Instead of correcting the caller, Ms. Rehm thanked the caller and passed -- and passed! -- to Mr. Dionne who declared his agreement with the caller and stated "superficial" was the correct term to describe "the lack of knowledge Palin showed yesterday." He complimented the caller and stated that people would be pouring over the "transcript for exactly that sort of gaffe." It all reminded him, he said, of the exchange between Ms. Palin and Katie Couric.

Mr. Dionne and Ms. Rehm are the ones who should be embarrassed. "Maliki" refers to Iraq's prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki. "Talabani" refers to Iraq's president, Jalal Talabani. If the NPR host and the Washington Post scribe do not know who Jalal Talabani is, it may be time for both of them to retire. But they know who President Talabani is, they just could not resist the opportunity to smear Governor Palin with lies yet again.

Palin had (rightly) stated Talabani and the caller wrongly thought she was referring to the Taliban.  Instead of providing the uninformed caller with facts that would have helped him, Diane Rehm and E.J. Dionne chose to lie.  Whores always reveal themselves.  They have to.  If people don't know they're whores, how will they line up johns?

Friday on All Things Considered, the awful job numbers were mentioned. David Brooks offered many thoughts including,  "I think people will look at the political class -- both Republicans and Democrats and judge them as extreme malpractice,  that they introduced health care, we had the debt crisis last summer [. . .] "  E.J. Dionne wasn't having any of it, "I-I-disagree with David that health care had anything to do with it but let's not go there."

You stupid liar.

Health care had everything to do with it.

It sucked the life out of the room for three years and counting.

There was all the whoring from bloggers and 'reporters' who pretended that insurance -- which you can purchase or not, according to your own wishes -- becoming a mandated purchase, carrying a large fine if you didn't comply was 'universal health care.'

Universal, single-payer health care is what Americans wanted.  Of course, they didn't get that.  All they got was a law that forces them to buy a product.  It was a deal for the insurance companies --which gave so much money to Barack in 2008 -- immediately the entire nation would become their customer pool.

ObamaCare was so unpopular that it took years to force it through and it took Barack getting on a plane with Dennis Kucinich and threatening what (Dennis still won't tell) to get Dennis to break his public promise not to vote for it.  Barack and ObamaCare needed every vote they could get.

When it was unpopular before it was passed, the White House and large amounts of the press insisted that it would become popular.  When it was passed and still unpopular, the same excuse was trotted out.

There have been repeated attempts to 're-educate' the American people on ObamaCare.  Those attempts have not taken.  It remains a very unpopular policy.

Had Barack instead focused on the biggest problem facing America domestically -- the huge unemployment -- unemployment might not be so high, prices might not be rising.

But the economy was something he was forever announcing he was about to focus on.  He must have made that announcement six or seven times since the summer of 2009 alone.  And remember, he said, "We meet at a moment of great uncertainty for America.  The economic crisis we face is the worst since the Great Depression."  And he said that mere weeks before the November 2008 election.  But once sworn in, he wasted everyone's time and his own political capital  on ObamaCare.

Barack Obama and his term in the White House are both failures.  Like all past failures, the American people should kick him to the curb in November -- not give him four more years to try to solve what he should have focused from the start.

As Isaiah pointed out Saturday, Barack's now blaming Congress for his failures to address the economy.

The Jobs Report

When he was campaigning for the office in October of 2008, he knew just what was needed to fix the economy:

But it will take a new direction. It will take new leadership in Washington. It will take a real change in the policies and politics of the last eight years. And that's why I'm running for president of the United States of America. 

But then he's sworn in and it's all ObamaCare, golf games, hoops, workouts with his trainer flown in from Chicago, Date Nights with Michelle, vacations, beer summits and wasted pursuits (claiming a laughable Nobel Peace Prize, failing -- on the world stage -- to bring the Olympics to Chicago, taping promos for George Lopez' basic cable TV show).

And now?  Not only does he want to blame Congress, he wants four more years in the Oval Office.

 In that October 2008 speech, he declared:

Right now, we face an immediate economic emergency that requires urgent action. We can't wait to help workers and families and communities who are struggling right now – who don't know if their job or their retirement will be there tomorrow, who don't know if next week's paycheck will cover this month's bills. We need to pass an economic rescue plan for the middle-class and we need to do it now.

The banks and big auto got their bailouts, the people got nothing.

 "I don't think it's improving at all.  It feels overwhelming, depressing, to me," Kathy Earl told Marketplace about the jobs market and that wasn't in 2008, that was last Friday.

Mr. Pretty Words made a lot of promises, he just didn't keep them.  From Guantanamo, to holding the telecoms accountable, through he would restart the economy, the story of Barack Obama is the story of a never-ending string of broken promises.

the shooting range

This morning, Isaiah had a new comic on the economy.  Barack forgets whether he killed Osama bin Laden or the economy and the Navy Seals (who killed bin Laden) explain that Barack killed the economy.

Truer words have seldom been spoken.

People wanted jobs, he gave them ObamaCare.

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