Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dumbest Idiot of the Week, Male Division

David Ehrenstein is one of those "Tom Cruise is gay!" bloggers.  You know the type: Worthless.


Way too old to fit in on the club scene and too ugly and too broke and too broke ugly to make it as a sugar daddy, there are very few options for David.

He wrote a really bad book that ended with Tom Cruise and winks.  If Cruise were gay, he's certainly made it clear he's not coming out.  And as far as Moby Dicks go, you'd think Ehrenstein could find a more worthy target.

But that would be crediting him  with more class and brains than he has.

Friday, Barack Obama was giving yet another speech.  Neil Munro (Daily Caller) interupted him.  (Oliver Knox has the story at ABC News.) It was not the end of the world.

Unless you were David. At CJR last week, he rushed to again inform the world:

PURE UNADULTERATED RACISM. That an Afican-American has been duly elected president of the United States enrages Carlson and his fellow Klansmen.

Oh, go back to the E! Channel were you can talk about other people since no one in America cares about you, David.  And where spelling "African" as "Afican" won't be a big deal.

Like a parrot with just two phrases, David either labels someone a racist or secretly gay.  Yes, that reads just as tedious as it sounds. And so is David.

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