Sunday, January 01, 2012

Editorial: 2011, over at last


2012 is here finally. The end of faux actions.

There was the 'brave' reporting Al Jazeera did, remember? On Libya? Remember when Elaine caught Al Jazeera correspondent Rawya Rageh re-Tweeting claims that the Libyan War wasn't about oil or empire? That was August 22nd. In the following day's New York Times, Clifford Krauss would open his with report with this fact: "The fighting is not yet over in Tripoli, but the scramble to secure access to Libya's oil wealth has already begun."

Al Jazeera TV is state-owned TV. It's not an exception. It is as brave as Press TV is (also state-owned TV). But didn't a lot of airheads in the US need to treat it as the holy grail or, more often, manna from heaven.

How did a War Hawk like Barack Obama who appears to have a serial hard on for destroying the Constitution ever end up in the White House?

Because so many idiots need a hero.

So many Americans play like a Bonnie Tyler song.

And so Ted Koppel reports on Rock Center with Brian Williams, with US Ambassador James Jeffrey next to him and agreeing, that the CIA will remain in Iraq (with "a healthy CIA mission"), that JSOC will, that the US FBI will remain and the US DEA. You've got US service members remaining as "trainers" for new weaponry the US government is selling Iraq, you've go the US State Department keeping over 16,000 employees (including contractors) in Iraq, but people want to pretend the Iraq War ended and the occupation is over?

We are a nation of Cinderellas awaiting a Prince who will put a slipper on our foot and whisk away.

Worse than that, we ae a nation of a Snow Whites deluding ourselves and sleeping on the clock.

Snow White was the Occupy 'movement.' Hey, kids, if you needed an excuse to camp out, couldn't you have come up with something better?

'We're not top-down so we don't have demands. Life is unfair. The system is unfair. Isn't it great that Barack's in the White House. Our government has betrayed us. I will be voting for Barack in 2012. Have you seen those Republicans? Occupy is non-partisan. Oh, but that pushy Adam Kokesh better stay out of our way because 'non-partisan' really just means all of us on the left who vote for Barack. I really love Barack, don't you? He makes me feel special. Just his being in the White House. What were you asking? Demands? No, we don't have any demands."

Maybe their Prince can awaken them to reality with a kiss?

2011 was America begging, repeatedly, to be sucker punched.

Over and over.

And that's what it got.

Over and over.

To complete the abuse cycle, Barack used the last day of the year to sign the National Defense Authorization Act which slams the door on the Bill of Rights and turns all Americans into potential terrorists.

Innocent until proven guilty? Jury of your peers?

Oh, don't be so quaint. Those days are going-going-gone.

2012 better be the year Americans get serious -- and learn to rescue themselves.
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