Sunday, June 27, 2010

On whores and karma (Ava and C.I.)

Karma has a way of biting whores in the ass. Which is how Laura Flanders' Grit TV, her shot at independence, has again been co-opted. Yes, The Nation is once again Laura's pimp. You know she's hating that.

The way she hated when her six hour, Saturday and Sunday, Air America Radio program The Laura Flanders Show became RadioNation with Laura Flanders. Suddenly, Laura's diverse group of guests became a weekly showcase for the latest issue of The Nation. And the audience fled resulting in her six hours of airtime being reduced to one hour.


Grit TV was supposed to Laura breaking free of that or at least trolling the street on her own. The TV show would show case Laura's elongated and drawn horse face and her own style. Those days are gone and she is now back to doing an infomercial for The Nation. The show's even got a new name for it's weekly 'best of': The Nation on Grit TV.

Poor Laura, she was freelancing for a little bit there but now it's back to the brothel. Which mainly means she better pucker up to her boss/owner Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Again, karma has a way of biting whore's in the ass and that "OUCH!" you hear right now is coming from Laura. Trust us on this.

And trust us on the fact that few will ever achieve the level of whoring that Melissa Harris-Lacewell has. As two who've documented Lie Face's many lies long before others caught on to her little act, we'll note she declared to Laura, "I'd expected us in fact to elect a person of color . . . but I certainly thought it would come from the Republican Party."

Oh really? We caught Lie Face on PBS in 2007 insisting that no "Black" (her word) person of would be elected president in her lifetime. We caught her pulling that little stunt (THE SYSTEM BE AGAINST HIM!) over and over.

So it was hilarious to hear Lie Face. And we could rip her apart but she's doing that in her own life and we really don't want to be responsible for her losing what little contact she currently has with the one person she values. Lie Face, you're on thin ice, don't piss us off.

Instead we'll focus on the woman who drug Lie Face along as an accessory, as a 'splash of color,' Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Lena Horne wasn't mourned by The Nation magazine, but how could she be? vanden Heuvel's grandfather's racism allowed him to exploit Lena and enrich himself and no one at the magazine will ever talk about that. Certainly, Katrina won't. And the editor and publisher of The Nation brought Melissa on basically to carry her baggage. It was so transparent you had to wonder if Katrina made Melissa sleep overnight in the maid's quarter of vanden Heuvel's Harlem mansion?

As we noted, Katrina is editor and publisher of The Nation magazine. That's important to remember when considering her laughable comments to Laura. At one point, spouting faux populism, Katrina snorted of two Republican women, "How are very rich CEOs outsiders?"

Look who's talking.

Then she wanted to put on a serious face and explain that Republican women were "pushing policies that will hurt women," that "they're against pay equity," and so much more that had us laughing so hard we almost missed Katty van van doing the Katty.

What does Sarah Palin's chest have to do with anything? We though Katrina grew out of her breast fetish as she left her teen years, and all that experimentation, behind. Were we misled?

It wasn't bad enough that Katty had to go there, she had to yet again demonstrate just how stupid she can be as she went on about Palin being asked about whether or not she had "fake implants." Fake implants? As opposed to 'real implants'? What the hell are "fake implants"? Have you heard anything so stupid in your life?

Uh, yeah, you did if you listen to Katrina. Not only did she lament "policies that will hurt women" and a lack of "pay equity" she went on to whine, ". . . there's much more attention in our mainstream media to the right wing women. Just as in the same way we've seen the tea party inflated and there's too little attention to the women who are running on peace and justice."


Katrina vanden Heuvel is editor and publisher of The Nation which published 491 men and only 149 women in 2007. And she wants to talk about pay equity? (She certainly doesn't want to talk about how she pays men more for their writing than she does women -- doesn't want to talk about it, but it is true.) And she wants to talk about "policies that will hurt women"? We happen to believe that publishing 491 men in one year but only 149 women is hurting women.

She's upset that the mainstream media is focusing (in her mind) on right wing women and she's whining that it's just like with the tea party. She's editor and publisher of The Nation. Does she want to explain why her publication obsessed over the Tea Party? Does she not understand that those weeks and weeks of five and six pieces at The Nation on the Tea Party didn't go unnoticed by the MSM? Does she not get that the frenzy and moaning and whining by her ilk built the Tea Party?

During all that time, The Nation wasn't covering Donna Edwards or any of the "peace and justice women" Katrina could be barely be bothered with actually naming when she was castigating the MSM for . . . not talking about these women.

"There are so many women who don't get attention," whined Katrina. "Where is the narrative about those women and what they've accomplished?"

Gee, Katrina, where is the attention? You know it's too bad that you don't run a weekly magazine where you could assign stories and bring attention to these women . . .

Oh, wait, she does. She is editor and publisher of The Nation. She bought her seat at the table. She's just not willing to bring any other women along -- other than token Melissa Harris-Lacewell who you sort of picture carrying Katrina's baggage out of the studio.

"Yes, Miss Katrina," Lie Face insists, "I got the chip on your shoulder. It's right here next to your wounded ego."
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