Sunday, April 04, 2010

Go ask Alice . . . and Kimberly

We focus on politics and culture (popular and otherwise) here and are very lucky to have Ava and C.I. offer a weekly feminist take on TV and often on movies as well. That feminist take is what drew in the readers and it's also informed who and what we are (online and off) so when someone else attempts to provide a feminist take on pop culture, we're always happy. Kimberly Wilder of OnTheWilderSide examines the film Alice in Wonderland in "Can Male Hatters be feminists?" and here's her intro:

This piece is actually a critique of the critiques of the movie Alice in Wonderland, book by Lewis Carroll, screenplay by Linda Woolverton, and direction by Tim Burton. Overall, I thought the movie was enjoyable, imaginative and enlightening. I was also surprised to find some moments of heartfelt feminism.

In looking over the reviews of the movie on line, I found a surprising lack of understanding, and some dismissive negativity, about the movie. Much—but not all—of the response was related to the issue of feminism in the film.

Here are five things that most critics got wrong about the Linda Woolverton and Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland: (Note, this piece is heavy on plot-spoilers. Don’t read it if you want to watch the movie and be surprised.)

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