Sunday, January 17, 2010

The trade off

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama talked a lot about accountability -- for others. Including George W. Bush. Then he got into the White House and no prosecutions.


He didn't even repeal the illegal, warrantless spying.

The only reason he's even focused on Bush was to trash him. As in, "We inhereted this from . . ."

Like a whiny, little brat constantly late with his homework, Barry insisted his problems were all George W.'s fault.

It just got harder to hope that Bush will ever be prosecuted for War Crimes.

Barack's asked Bush and former president Bill Clinton to spearhead some Haiti efforts.

While we know this means kiss prosecution goodbye, we also mean that Barry can't continue to blame George W. for everything from the deficit to the rate of rainfall in Langley.

It's not a fair trade off, but it's a trade off none the less.
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