Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pig Ritter and the friends who love him

Pig Ritter was busted again. Laura Rozen (Politico) explained the arrest was two months old but only now emerging. He was busted for being a sexual predator, the same as his two other busts.


Though it dominated the Thursday news cycle, for some strange reason, his sick f**k buddy, Amy Goodman, failed to mention the news last week.

Why could that be?

Possibly . . .

AmyGoody: Hello.

Britney: Hey. How are you? I love chat rooms!!!! :D

AmyGoody: A/S/L plz.

Britney: Well, I'm 14 y.o. and

AmyGoody: Cam.

Britney: No, "Britney."

AmyGoody: Webcam.

Britney: Yes but it's not hooked up right now. So

AmyGoody: Would you like to see me?

Britney: Maybe later. Did you see Twilight? What do you think of Robert Patterson?

AmyGoody: I could do stuff on my webcam.

Britney: What do you mean stuff?

AmyGoody: I could make you feel read good.

Britney: I have to go.

AmyGoody: Tease!! Friend me! Friend me
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