Sunday, January 10, 2010

Editorial: Piss off, Aimee Allison

Alleged Green Party member Aimee Allison swung it big time on KPFA. She probably thinks she' lucky that the archives have disappeared but, poor Aimee, Ava and C.I. have their notes to this day.

Aimee peddled it repeatedly for Barack in 2008.


The Crazy Ass attacked The New Yorker. The Crazy Ass said -- on air -- that copies of The New Yorker should be destroyed. On KPFA. On "Free Speech Radio." She stated, during a segment she was supposed to be the impartial moderator of, that she found the cover offensive. The cover was satire. The satire was too much for Aimee who will apparently always rush to launch a book burning.

Remember 'impartial moderator'? She was supposed to be that in a debate between PUMA and Norman Solomon. Finally identified on air as a Barack Obama delegate.

Want to explain how that happened, Aimee Allison?

How KPFA featured Norman for months and months -- including on The Morning Show -- and 'forgot' to identify him as a Barack Obama delegate?

No, we didn't think you'd want to explain it.

We doubt that, even now, you want to explain why you were supposed to be moderating the debate but you let Norman scream and yell at the man representing PUMA, you let him attack the man with smears and lies and never asked him to back those up (he couldn't back those up). When you should have stepped in to insist that Norman shut the hell up and let the men respond to the charges being hurled at him, you instead played dumb.

Want to pretend you didn't sell it for Barack?

We're not as stupid as you are.

You made this an issue on Friday when Joseph called in during the second half-hour of the show. Your segment, you stated, was "What are progressives doing wrong or why?"

Joseph (a rare African-American caller to get through on The Morning Show) was explaining that not everyone drank the "Obama-aide" and that the problem was the people who blindly went along including "media types." Did Aimee Allison fear Joseph might name her?

Apparently so because she rudely cut off Joseph (in a manner that has many noting the racist overtones involved in that you're-not-important-enough-to-speak manner she presented).

"Let me ask you, Joseph," she said in her snottiest, most know-it-all voice, "does 'I told you so' make you feel good? Does it make you want to organize more? Does it make you positive or does it make you cynical or demoralized?"

Let us ask you, Whore Aimee, does being a catty piece of trash on air to Joseph let you pretend like you didn't WHORE it all through 2008 and 2009 for Barack?

Let us aks you, Whore Aimee, do you think the left can move forward before those who sold out the peace movement -- that includes you -- take public accountability for their actions?

Let us ask you, Whore Aimee, where the hell do you get off jumping all over (attacking really) a caller, especially an African-American caller -- the very segment of listeners KPFA's most recent station report insisted needed to be increased?

Let us ask you, Whore Aimee, do you realize you have the blood of Iraqis on your filthy hands?

You whored it. No one made you. You chose to be a whore in 2008 and 2009. You whored for Barack. Day after day, you whored it and brought on guests who whored it. Instead of snapping at callers, you might try taking accountability for your actions.

Once upon a time, Aimee, not only would you have done that, you would have done it without being prompted to.

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