Sunday, December 27, 2009

Editorial: 'Universal' health care

Thursday, apparently wanting to stuff Barack's stocking, NPR actually hailed Barack's BigBusinessGiveAway as "universal health care" and gushed that he had managed to deliver "health care to all Americans." Really?

Well we would like to congratulate the United States government for ending murder.

If you are found guilty of murder in the US, you will go to prison and may get the death penalty.

That really hasn't stopped murder, however.

And Barack didn't 'give' health care to anyone.

He mandates that you purchase health insurance. He forces you to purchase the insurance or you'll be fined for breaking the law.

All he did was push a law that makes it illegal for anyone not to have health insurance.

Having delivered 'health care' for all Americans, we look forward to 2010 when the Congress will make all US citizens millionaires.

Through aid and subsidies? No. But they could pass a law requiring every US citizen to be a millionaire and fining those who 'refuse.'

It makes about as much sense as forcing Americans to buy insurance or pay fines.

What the Senate and the House are proposing is disgusting and if the insurance lobbies hadn't bought off the MSM (and if Panhandle Media wasn't still wet dreaming over Barack), you'd know that.

Americans are not being served by the Congress, the insurance companies are. And anyone who can't tell you that either has cognitive issues or pockets stuffed by the insurance companies.

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