Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Nation endorses and amplifies sexism

A funny thing happened as we read Katha Pollitt's latest nonsense . . .

We happened to glance at an ad on the page.

Katha and butt


And would alleged feminist Katha care to explain why women's bodies are being used to sell products and The Nation's not only running those advertisements but doing so on alongside allegedly feminist articles?

What does a woman's ass sticking out have to do with water?

We wandered over to USCanteen where we found that Peter Bobley and Victoria Meakin are back to their usual nonsense. Vicky's a 'progressive.' You should have heard Vicky in 1999 and 2000 trashing Al Gore like there was no tomorrow (Vicky was a Bradley supporter and she never supported Gore, even when he got the Democratic Party's presidential nomination). Petey remembered a military canteen he had as a child.

Great, so The Nation is glorifying military play and sexism by running these ads?


As we watched the various models (two children, two adults) parade by on the web page, we kept waiting for the man in the half-shirt, for him to stick out his ass, but that never happened. He was presented in non-sexual poses (as were the two children) but the headless female had to 'work it.'

When Big Auto uses women to sell their (bad) cars, most on the left know to be offended or at least pretend to be.


Now USCanteen could have used men and women, they could have displayed both's bodies, had both stick their asses out for the camera (we believe that's called "presenting" in the animal kingdom -- which isn't just a Philip Barry play). But that's not what happened.


And we find it very curious that Katha and the other 'girls of The Nation' haven't called out the company. In fact, we find it offensive that The Nation has accepted this ad. In their ad, they don't even offer men. In the ad The Nation's running, it's just a woman's ass being presented. We think the real asses are the people at The Nation and we think it's rather telling that, as per usual, everyone else looks the other way when sexism comes from the left.
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