Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little Matthew Rothschild steps out of the closet

A Pride Hug to Progressive editor and CEO Matthew Rothschild for his decision last week to step out of the closet.

It might seem honesty comes easier with age; however, Matty is a portly, married man with children and his finally stepping out of the closet and getting honest about who he was must have been a very tense moment for him.

We say, "Good for you, Matty." Good for you.

Victor Rios

And we award you the above copy of Latin Inches for your actions.

Judging by the way you write, you're obviously a bottom. Not a "power bottom" like Wentworth Miller might play, mind you, but the sort of bottom that reflects all the stereotypical yentas that fill much of Philip Roth's work (you know, the ones who just lay there).

Here's to you, Matty Rothschild, Jesus in the Castro District loves you more than you will know, woah-woah-woah.
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