Sunday, May 24, 2009

Editorial: Destructive and Deadly

So the 4300 mark was passed yesterday and maybe, like Phyllis Bennis, you're okay with that? Remember Phyllis explaining that it was okay with her if the illegal war ended today, tomorrow, in 2010, 2011 or whenever. What mattered to her was Barack said he'd end it and what's a timeline really?

Phyllis Bennis has said some stupid things in the past but when she declared, "Three months difference in the pull-out timetable (a timetable! remember the Bush rejection of timetables until Iraqi pressure forced the issue in his last days in office??) is of relatively little significance." Wow, way to spit on the families of 38 US service members. That is the number, thus far, who have died from the Iraq War since February 1st.

What's the death toll for Iraqis?

No one knows and Phyllis proved she didn't in the least care (as she repeatedly low balled the deaths).

Barry O

But for Barack loving fools like Phyllis, it's not about Iraqis. Or US citizens. Or the people of Afghanistan. Or even her beloved Hammas. It's all about Barry O.

Phyllie's in love and the Phylllie sound is one long, low moan.

And she's far from alone.

Barry O

Vincent Warren again made an ass out of himself last week. Providing cover for his boy friend Barry O is more important than defending the Constitution.

Which is how he was interviewed Friday by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez and he never brought up Barack's newly announced belief that he can and should be able to detain anyone at will. Vincent didn't object to that or even raise the issue. He was too busy attacking any and everyone he just knew was against Barry. That included everyone from Dick Cheney to the US Congress. It was so appalling we decided that, like Alvy Singer, he'd decided to leave out the men's room attendant in his conspiracy theory.

At some point, Americans are going to have to face reality and take accountability.


As so many continue to offer excuses for War Hawk Barack, it becomes more and more apparent that the truth commission we really need is one to explore the Cult of St. Barack. As they blindly cheer him on in his illegal wars and applaud his attempts to dismantle the Constitution, they have become the biggest threat to the country.
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