Sunday, April 05, 2009

With or without a village, it takes an idiot . . .

It takes a real idiot and surprisingly, there's one at Independent Political Reporter (formerly Austin Cassidy's Independent Political Reporter). During the election season IPR was one of the few real sources of campaign coverage. Apparently ditching common sense along with Austin's name, they're now either a propaganda front or employing the un- and under-educated.

Friday, an embarrassing post entitled "Sat. April 4th: Local and national parties join UFPJ to march for peace in NYC" went up, the kind of weak-ass gush-fest which IPR formerly avoided. Raving over the closet-Communist controlled United for Peace and Justice, the writer blathers:

Some of the national sponsors of the UFPJ March on Wall Street event:
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism; Communist Party USA; Progressive Democrats of America; Socialist Party USA; Young Democratic Socialists;

Now we don't blame the writer for refusing to put his or her name to this garbage (the article has no byline) but, for the record, those are UPFJ's board members groups. Yes, Leslie and Carl's groups endorsed Leslie and Carl's marches. When you control the groups, you control the endorsements.

There's nothing "independent" about that and we take as a sure sign that the former Austin Cassidy's Independent Political Reporter just hit the crapper and lost all of its value.

It should also be noted that this weak-ass article is plodding. It's not just factually challenged, it's badly written. For those who can't grasp it, the site's entitled Independent Political Reporter, not Regurgitated Press Releases. If you can find an iota of 'reporting' in that bad post, you're journalism 'standards' are on the level of war pornographer Michael Gordon's.
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