Sunday, April 05, 2009

Katha Pollitt, Bronze Booby Winner

Katha Pollit earned the Bronze Booby for being one and then some.

Bronze Booby Prize

In a piece of pure crap entitled "Mad About Michelle," cyber-stalker and free-range poet Katha wanted to open with, "Someday we'll get beyond obsessing about
first ladies--and by 'we' I mean the sort of journalists who use 'we' to mean 'the vast majority of Americans' when it is usually just themselves and their friends."

Katha's arguing that too much attention/obsession is placed on the ceremonial and usually meaningless role of First Lady and, even in topic choice, she unintentionally undermines her own argument by . . . obsessing over the topic herself and assuming it's worthy of being her month's column. How sad that her editors agreed her pathetic and puny doodle qualified for writing or thought.

When not undermining her own 'logic,' she demonstrates that math wasn't stressed in Socialist day camp as she goes on "half the country" and then "there are those" and 2 and 2 add up to 4 only, if like Katha, you play the fool.

For example, there are many who don't give a damn about Michelle Obama and there are many who are appalled by her embrace of the meaningless and ornamental.

And because Katha is the Charlotte Rae to so many mindless idiots writing today, she has to play den mother and quote one of her charges:

Just after the election Rebecca Traister wrote a terrific piece in Salon lamenting the "momification" of Michelle Obama. Probably it was inevitable: "In part because of the legacy left her by Hillary and her detractors," Traister observed, "powerful couples must now tread as far as possible from the 'two for one' talk, lest the female half get smacked with a nutcracker."

Rebecca Traister the third-wave 'feminist' and fool. Traister (and Pollitt who never calls it out) thinks it is feminist behavior to blame Hillary Clinton for the choices Michelle Obama is making. Again, Katha is the Charlotte Rae, Rebecca's the Blair Warner locked on Katha's nipple. A word of advice, Traister, bite down. Hard.

Michelle Obama's "momified" because she allowed herself to be. She embraced it. She's the one who publicly declared she wasn't a feminist, she then went on to really make that clear by attempting to get a cheap laugh and score political hay (and prove how trashy an ugly girl can be) by implying Hillary couldn't keep her own house in order. She's the one who just smiled and sat there as Barack said she wasn't going to speak, she was just going to sit there and look pretty (she's never looked pretty -- the best Michelle can ever hope is 'well scrubbed') and that was okay with him.

But the mental midget Rebecca Traister wants to ignore all of that (and so much more), all before the election, and present her 'thesis.' Like any student of Katha, Traister's an ahistorical idiot. And so is The Nation for running Katha's drivel. Katha won her Bronze Boob but we also need to give her a "thank you" because she earned that as well.

Thanks you, Katha, for proving once and for all that not all Dumb Blonds are pretty. Way to explode that false strereotype of women!
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