Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember New Hampshire!

Forget "Remember The Maine!" Those worried about the election would do well to instead remember New Hampshire.

That's the state Barack was supposed to win. Win big. It was going to be the death of Hillary as the likes of Matthew Rothschild noted gleefully. But, thing is, the press was completely wrong.

Now some Natural Born Liars can't face reality. That's how you get Mark Crispin Miller making an ass out of himself and guaranteeing that no one in the real press will ever take him seriously again. Here's a little tip, when you want to effect change on some issue, you really can't be seen as a Crazy Ass Lunatic and still be a go-to for the press. Marky didn't like the results, Marky went boo-hoo. Marky insisted he knew, knew, there was voter fraud in New Hampshire. Strangely, Marky Crispy Mills only saw 'fraud' when his object of lust came up short. Another way you reveal yourself to be someone the mainstream press can't trust.


There was no theft in New Hampshire, Hillary won. She won and the press got it wrong. As happened repeatedly throughout the Democratic Party primaries. It was over, cried the press, she needs to drop out, and the reality was Hillary kept winning.

To 'water down' those wins, it was necessary to insist that there was something wrong with the people who voted for Hillary. They weren't educated or educated enough, they didn't make enough money, they were this, they were that and, of course, they were racists.

No, they were and are American citizens. And it was apparently too much to expect that they would be treated with the respect and dignity they deserved. The things that were said about these voters, the things that continue to be said about these voters, go a long ways towards explaining why the left is so damn ineffectual. They stereotype people they don't even know and they honestly all need to be knocked off their high horses.

So there are two aspects above that you need to pay attention.

Before the voting, _____ can't win, Barack has it sewn up. After the voting, "Stupid people! Poor people! Racists!"

We're in the first stage nationally. We may or may not reach the second stage.

In the first stage, we're told that Barack's winning, he's unstoppable.

But that's not true. It wasn't true when they kept insisting he'd win the states that -- when the votes were counted -- Hillary won.

It's a psy-ops operation, plain and simple. They're attempting to convince America that Barack will win. Now it didn't work on Kentucky voters or West Virginia voters. But they're damn sure it's going to work in the general election.

Reality, the Democratic base -- told by Donna Brazile to "stay home" -- still isn't behind Barack.

They won't be. They've been called dumb, they've been told that they're racists. Now Uppity Closeted Communists in NYC -- Whiteys, you know who you are -- may think that works but it doesn't.

Unlike the Amy Goodmans, your average voter can't be intimidated into silence because they're not hiding anything. It really doesn't matter in their lives if, for example, Pacifica's forced to explain not just their books (and where all that money has gone). For the non-cowards with nothing to hide, insults and badgering doesn't result in, "Thank you for abusing me! I will vote for Barack now! I wasn't going to but your months and months of calling me a racists and stupid convinced me!"

It doesn't work that way. You insult someone, you can forget their vote. It's a political basic. It's why politicians do not go out of their way to be offensive.

Barack's run an offensive, sexist, homophobic and racist campaign.

The idea that there is no fallout for that is a fairytale.

Of course there's a fallout. How much is the question?

And no one knows because the polls are screwed as a result of the non-stop race card, as a result of telling people they are racists if they don't support Barack. After you've turned that into the narrative, you really can't expect people to honestly respond to pollsters.

With Barack Obama and John McCain right now, the race is tied. Most reporters know it (pollsters damn well know it). But each day is about the psy-ops operation of convincing you that Barack's leading.

Which is why you get worthless 'national' polls.

Reality: The US does not elect by popular vote. On that basis alone, a 'national' poll is meaningless. (The electoral college elects the president.)

Reality: The sample size is too small to actually represent a national population.

We understand readers are concerned but we would ask you to go back to the primaries and remember this same game was played on you then.

Barack is neck-and-neck and his campaign knows that. There is no determining the election by polls (and his campaign also knows that).

This is a psy-ops effort to supress voting for other candidates, to convince their supporters there's no chance, that it's all over.

The problem it creates for Barack is that it can leave his supporters over-confident and, as he well knows, he can't afford even a slim percent of those assuming they don't have to show up and vote for him. Which is why he gave his confusing speech last week on this topic.

Because there's no record for Barack to run on, because there's no accomplishments he can point to, he's been forced to run a campaign on image. It's been one non-stop psy-ops operation.

As you hear that it's a done deal repeatedly over the next weeks, there is no done deal. There is no 'appointed president by the press' clause of the Constitution.

It's a close race and no one knows the winner. If they did, we wouldn't waste all that money on an election and the Barack campaign certainly wouldn't be wasting all the money on advertising.
Or as Riverdaughter (The Confluence) put it last week, "If he were doing that well, the upcoming psychological warfare would be unneccesary. So, please stop the annoying pro-Obama blather. We aren't buying it and we don't care. "

And never forget you have choices.


Barack Obama is not the only dance partner. You have Bob Barr (Libertarian Party presidential candidate), Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party's presidential candidate), Ralph Nader (independent presidential candidate) and Cynthia McKinney (Green Party presidential candidate). You can even vote for John McCain (the Republican presidential candidate).

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