Sunday, September 07, 2008

Truest statement of the week III

I enjoy WMC but I'm seeing that Feminist Wire has apparently finished for the day without noting John McCain's pick of a woman for his running mate. I do however see the following at Daily Kos: "The Old Man and She" by Jimmy Crackcorn to which Geiiga has posted, "You think maybe McCain misunderstood that just because she's his 'running mate' doesn't mean he gets to mate with her." The comments only get worse.
I don't know a thing about the woman. Except she's a "former beauty queen." I see that over and over in the press. And people, reporters, saying she’s not qualified because she's only a 2nd year governor. And then saying "beauty queen" one more time.
She's a Republican and I'm sure we do not agree on abortion or LGBT issues. I have no plans to vote for her.
I will not, however, stand by while another woman is trashed.
And let’s get really damn honest here, she's being trashed by Barack's campaign. The lack of experience line is coming from Barack's campaign and quoted online by The Los Angeles Times and many others. WMC can't make that obvious point ever. That's why I am only a lukewarm supporter. That and the fact that as a LESBIAN
I will not support a man who puts homophobes on stage.
Thank you to my sisters at WMC who refused to call out Barack's use of homophobia. Wave to me when it's my stop. It's a long, long walk from the back of the bus.

-- Heather posting to "Katie Couric & Sexism in the Media" (WMC).
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