Sunday, September 07, 2008

Editorial: The Sour Grape Girls

The sour grape girls. Maybe you saw them last week?

They booed and hissed Sarah Palin.

They declared John McCain was "pandering" to get women voters by choosing the governor as his running mate.

Considering that the Democratic Party has offered nothing for women (unless you consider Barack cozying up to anti-choice evangelicals and dismissing women who get abortions as "feeling blue") it's amazing that the sour grape girls would accuse the Republican Party of "pandering."

To quote Betty's oldest sister, "What's really happening?"

Hillary didn't get the Democratic nomination. Take it up with the 'rules' committee. She didn't get asked to be Barack's running mate. Take it up with Barack.

There is no excuse for Hillary not being on the ticket -- either at the top or as the running mate.

That's a decision the Democratic Party made.

Now along comes John McCain doing what the Democrats refused to do (see a woman as competent to run) and you've got the sour grape girls booing and hissing.

You're booing and hissing at the wrong people.

Take that frustration and anger and aim it at the Democratic Party.

We should all be thrilled that John McCain did what Barack wouldn't.

Doesn't mean we have to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.

But it's extremely short-sighted to boo and hiss the fact that a woman made the presidential ticket of one of the two main parties in this country.

Some are trying to argue, "But she's not the right kind of woman!"

It's a Republican ticket.

That's as foolish as P-Diddy's idiotic video where he takes John McCain to task for choosing Palin (and also flaunts his ignorance on the Alaska population demographics). McCain was never supposed to choose someone as a running mate that would please Barack supporter P-Diddy. Why would he even bother to try?

The Republican Party is not the Democratic Party. Are people unaware of that?

Of course Palin is going to represent the values the Republicans cherish.

That's why she's on the ticket.

The sour grape girls took the announcement of a Republican running mate and, despite being Democrats, wanted to pout and whine that it wasn't the right choice.

It's exactly the right choice for the Republican Party.

Hate to break it to everyone, but the Republican Party does not try to find a liberal or even moderate running mate. They are the right-wing party.

All the 'leaders' who wanted to act like they're disappointed in McCain's choice? We're disappointed if they were truly foolish enough to ever believe that McCain's choice of a running mate would please them. We're not talking about fresh out of high school graduates. We're talking about learned women who know a thing or two.

The sour grape girls appear frightened that some women might decide to vote for the McCain - Palin ticket. Guess what? Some may. And attacking Palin will only drive those numbers up.

If Palin goes through anything like what Hillary did, you better believe that a number of women (we have no idea how many) will begin considering voting McCain - Palin because the attacks on Hillary were attacks on all women.

If your goal is to steer voters from Palin, you won't achieve it by attacking her. What shaped up last week was indeed a cat fight. It was one-sided because Palin ignored it. Feminism wins nothing in a cat fight and when feminists are seen as initiating a cat fight, it hurts the cause.

Repeating, McCain's choice should never have delighted you. None of you are Republicans. You made it about a woman. You never would have written those embarrassing pieces if Palin had been a man.

What's most likely behind those pieces is very real anger over what was done to Hillary by the Democratic Party. Your anger is misdirected when aimed at McCain or Palin. Sad thing is, you're all smart enough to know that without us pointing it out.
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