Sunday, May 18, 2008

Liars & Losers

We have to thank the pathetic, non-American Gary Younge who seems to appear intent on making Americans think he has some thing vested in the Democratic primary, for reminding us just how pathetic NARAL is. In a slime of Geraldine Ferraro insta-expert on America quoted her from Jake Tapper's ABC News blog. In the same post, not noted by little Gary (a full-time liar) was the pathetic Kate Michelman slamming and sliming Hillary Clinton. We've dealt with Cry Baby Katie before. But, let's note that Wally, Ava and C.I. will never stop laughing at witnessing Katie crying in the Senate in 2005.

Why was the pathetic one crying? Because all the men she'd stroked and sucked up to refused to stand with her. That's all NARAL's ever been, a pathetic group of women willing to spit-shine a bunch of men who regularly stab them in the back. Katie couldn't believe that an anti-choice man (Samuel Alito) would be confirmed to the Supreme Court but Michelman's entire life has been about making that possible. After, she toyed publicly with running for Congress but Democratic men said no and Michelman buckled as usual.

You really should catch the imitations Wally, Ava and C.I. do of the blubbering Katie, sobbing in the Senate and still not grasping how truly pathetic she was and is. Dona says the only term for Michelman is "gender whore" and we have to agree. This is the idiot who slammed Hillary by praising her own pathetic performance:

As a woman who's been in the public eye and experienced scrutiny, as a woman who knows how hard it can be for women to earn their seat at the leadership table, how hard women have to work just to get the same opportunities, this distresses me.

We last noted the gender whore in "Third Estate Sunday Review: Women, you're her third choice!." NARAL is and has been a pathetic organization that this community turned its back on in January of 2005. They were one of the groups who got into DC and decided to play 'nice' and trade access for influence. They didn't care (tears aside) what took place, as long as someone would listen to them. Someone in power. Pathetic.

And who was more pathetic than Katie who refused to be a Democrat. She's an independent though she leaves that out of her first endorsement of John Edwards and her later endorsement of Barack Obama. See, Katie didn't want to be seen as 'partisan.' She was reaching across the aisle because there's nothing but pro-abortion rights Congressional members on the Republican side, right? She's an idiot who undercuts women every chance she gets such as in 2007 when interviewed by Salon and asked if, other than Naomi Wolf (the gossamer feminist), any feminists had been part of political campaigns before. She replied:

Well, there aren't that many of us who have held national women's rights leadership positions. I'm thinking back to Mondale, and I don't think he had a national women's rights leader on his team, but there were organizations like NOW advising him because of [Geraldine] Ferraro. I do think that if not totally unique, that it is rather unusual to have someone like me at a high level as a part of a campaign.

First, it needs to be noted that the question in that Q&A included: "Al Gore hired Naomi Wolf as a consultant in 2000; she memorably advised him to wear earth tones, or so it was reported." Wolf didn't advise Gore on wardrobe. That was a sexist smear but pathetic Katie was more than happy to let the smear stand. She was also comfortable saying "NOW" as long as she didn't have to identify any one woman because, heaven forbid, she couldn't play 'prettiest girl' in the room. But Katie, not a lifelong feminist despite her constant and incessant claims, purposely avoided Gloria Steinem who, for the record, was advising George McGovern in 1972 and who, also for the record, was smeared by the press with false claims that she helped him pick out his ties. NOW, of course, also worked on Shirley Chisholm's 1972 run but Katie 'forgot' that as well.

The pathetic NARAL was started by three pathetics. The Closeted Red 'feminist,' the idiot who made the anti-choice 'documentary' Silent Scream, and another politically closeted type. So many closets, so little honesty. NARAL closeted itself under Michelman's 'leadership,' dropping the name National Abortion Rights Action League to become "NARAL Pro-Choice America" in some sort of KFC pact with the devil.

We started with the pathetic Gary Younge and we'll end with him. The Nation's Gary Younge wrote a non-stop attack on feminism last month entitled "Ranking Race Against Gender Is the First Step Towards Fundamentalism" which was nothing but an attack on Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan, a cheap attack, the sort of cheap trash that should get his ass fired from The Nation (who waited to see if there was any fallout before publishing the piece at their website -- Younge's garbage appears in The Guardian of London first). In it he slams Gloria Steinem for 'ignoring' lynching. She wasn't writing about lynching. She was writing about the formal inclusion at the ballot. It was a straw-man argument (started by Melissa Harris-Lacewell, commanding the New Hampshire students in November of 2007 and encouraging them to use her talking point). But if he wants to accuse Gloria of being 'selective,' let's take a look at his own selection. He allows that Stokely Carmichael might have been "exclusionary." And? That's it. That's the best he can do. That's called 'selectivity.'

And we're unaware of any songs played on the radio calling for violence aimed at African-Americans. But "Smack My Bitch Up" could and was played, became a hit. Along with so many others. Gary was intent upon ignoring sexism, he was more concerned with condemning American women. He was offended by Geraldine Ferraro declaring:

Given that big-time punditry often requires a sizeable dose of narcissism, it's not surprising that some pundits praising Obama saw his candidacy as having deep personal meaning. "Like many Americans, I long to see an African-American ascend to the presidency," wrote conservative Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer (10/27/06). "It would be an event of profound significance, a great milestone in the unfolding story of African-Americans achieving their rightful, long-delayed place in American life." Even when not explicitly treating Obama as a source of personal satisfaction, many in the media treated his rise as a reason for America as a whole to feel good about itself. Reporter Roger Simon put it bluntly on NBC's Meet the Press (2/11/07), "If America actually nominates him and then votes for him for president and elects him, this will be a sign that we are a good and decent country that has healed its racial wounds."

Oh wait, that wasn't Geraldine Ferraro, that was Peter Hart in "Obamamania" (Extra!, March/April 2007). He called Ferraro out for saying that "the color of Obama's skin makes him uniquely qualified for president and even reach out to the moderate Islam world." Oh wait, that wasn't Ferraro either! That was John Kerry. Apparently Younge can't call out White men. But he called out Ferraro for saying:

If he were white, he once bluntly noted, he would simply be one of nine freshmen senators, almost certainly without a multimillion-dollar book deal and a shred of celebrity. Or would he have been elected at all?

Wait! Still not Ferraro. That's Jeff Zeleny writing for The Chicago Tribune in 2005 (he's now with The New York Times, still drooling over Bambi) and guess who posted that 'racist' claim at their website? Barack. It's up at his Senate website. Here's Younge quoting Ferraro (for real this time):

"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," she said. "And if he was a woman of any colour, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

Shocking! If you were unaware of what he himself had said, or what John Kerry said or what Peter Hart wrote. Gary Younge's selectivity says a great deal. Gary Younge is nothing but a liar -- he's the liar who wrote about Darrell Anderson last year but managed to avoid using the term "war resister" or discussing the Anderson's war resistance. Even so, the column was too hot for the pathetic Nation magazine and only ran in The Guardian of London. A friend of C.I.'s in management at The Nation wanted it noted that The Nation did not print his "attacks" (yes, the word was used) on Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan. They made him rewrite the column ("Obama, Ferraro, Wright: 'Postracial' Meets Racism"). In that, his attacks on the two women (one of whom regularly appeared in an ad for the magazine -- but, hey, that didn't prevent the magazine from attacking Janeane Garofalo in a sexist screed either) was pulled. But the tag for his column was: "Wouldn't a real feminist also oppose racism?"

Gary, you've never demonstrated racism on the part of any of the women you've attacked but, save the lectures, real feminists oppose homophobia and you and the crap-ass Nation magazine refused to call out Barack's use of homophobia to scare up voters in South Carolina. Especially strange considering that Younge made gay issues his 'beat' prior to Barack entering the race.

He was selective there as well. In "What's Race Got to Do With It?" (Feb. 13, 2006), he offered: "Whatever African-Americans think about gay rights, the fact is they don't think about it very much." Poor Gary Younge, always the liar. From Earl Ofari Hutchinson's "Black Evangelicals: Bush's New Trump Card" (Pacific News Service, Jan. 26, 2005):

A Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies poll in 2004 found that blacks by a far larger margin than the overall population opposed gay marriage. That raised a few eyebrows among some political pundits, but there were much earlier signs of blacks relentless hostility to gays and gay rights. A survey that measured black attitudes toward gays published in Jet Magazine in 1994 found that a sizable number of blacks were suspicious and scornful of them.

Geez, Gare, if the poll found more opposition to same-sex marriage in the African-American community than in the general population, that would indicate that they think about the issue a great deal. Gary Younge is nothing but a foreign s**t stirrer whose crack-pot, factually challenged pieces shouldn't appear in a magazine entitled "The Nation" published in the United States. African-Americans struggle to get published in The Nation but add a touch of the 'exotic' and any non-American can get published in the magazine whose title claims it represents/covers the country. Gary Younge is trash. So's Little Katie. Liars & Losers who make life harder for all women.
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