Sunday, May 18, 2008

John Edwards: Professional Boy-Toy


That's Isaiah's latest comic, "The Endorsement." And how appropriate.

John Edwards destroyed his 2008 presidential nomination campaign by refusing to challenge Barack. In one debate, he stood there with egg on his face while Barack was claiming it mattered to be right at the time. Elizabeth Edwards would have said, "Now you just hold on a minute and let me educate you on what the 2002 authorization was. It's more than just a title and, since you weren't in the Senate, it's not surprising that you don't understand that. I don't know what you were doing that year. That may have been when you were covering for your friend Tony Rezko while his tennents went without utilities."

But John-John. He was meek. He took it. He got punked, got served his shorts on toast and appaired eager and willing to chew them.

While he was still in the race, it was noted here many times that the man Maureen Dowd dubbed the Breck Girl needed to get tough.

He never did. Never, never.

In Nevada, Barack was screaming like a spoiled child about 527s advertising. In a later primary, when all these 527s are advertising for Barack, John Edwards acts tough and calls it out . . . until Barack growls. Then meek John Edwards drops to the floor, rolls over on his back, exposes his belly and whimpers.

He was an awful candidate.

His debate time was largely him praising Barack.

Was he hoping for a date to prom? Was he angling for First Lady? Was he running a fan club?

We don't know, we just know he refused to stand up and looked like the worst lackey in the world.

He was playing Nelson to Barack's Bart.

He was a loser.

He was a loser in 2004 as well. He was supposed to rip Dick Cheney apart in their one and only debate. Don't worry, don't worry, leadership said, he's an attorney!

But the reality was John Edwards got punked there too. Dick Cheney even lied about never having met John before and John didn't call him out. (Bloggers did during the debate and after which is the only reason the record got corrected.)

John Edwards' image was "trial lawyer" and that was seen as bad. But if he'd shown any strength, it wouldn't have been.

Instead, he had an unsavory image and voters saw him punked in debate after debate.

The feeling was he couldn't stand up. If he had stood up, the "trial lawyer" wouldn't have been a negative. It would have been, "He's tough! He'll stand up for us!"

John Edwards made himself pathetic. It's no surprise he showed up last Wednesday to drool at the crotch of Barack again.
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