Sunday, May 04, 2008

Breaking Barack news

Despite Bill Moyers shcilling for Barack two Fridays ago, it looks like indeed, Barack was never baptized.

On NBC's Meet The Press right now, Barack lists what Jeremiah Wright's done for him including "baptized my daughters." He made no reference to being baptized himself (and doesn't include it in his book -- as a non-Christian coming to Jesus Christ late in life, you'd think a baptismal would stand out to the adult Obama).

Tim Russert asked him about leaving the church. It appears the reality is that Barack can't leave the church because he never joined. And that continues to be down played. In his book, he writes of growing comfortable with the idea of Jesus. His church, his faith, requires a baptism. So the question that he needs to answer is: "When were you baptized?"

It's not a side issue, he's made it an issue. He's repeatedly stated, "I uh am a uh Christian" -- in debates, in speeches. By the faith he publicly claims, he would have to be baptized. So he needs to answer when he was baptized and produce the record of the baptismal.
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