Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vanity, they name is Jesse Jackson Jr.

Poor Jesse Jackson Jr. There he was, after Hillary Clinton's big win in New Hampshire, needing to come up with a talking point. He had nothing. His political-crush Barry Obama had crashed. Two losers. And it hurt so bad to be beaten by a girl.

What can he tell MSNBC?

He thought and thought. Or tried to. But he kept coming back to his effete and slender political crush getting his butt whooped in the votes by Hillary. He started to cry.

He looked in the mirror. He saw his former fatty, blubbering, reflected back at him.


"That's it!"

He went on MSNBC, he told Norah O'Donnell that Hillary Clinton cried about her looks!

Now Hillary didn't cry while speaking in New Hampshire. But Junior needed a lie.

And this would paint Hillary as vain!

He felt pretty damn proud of himself.

Women. Vain. Ha.

He was strutting pretty wide . . . for a fatty who couldn't put the fork down. For a fatty who went under the knife a few years ago to lose 50 pounds.

Guess what, Fatty, that weight's coming back. Yeah, they removed two-thirds of your intestine. But look in the mirror, look at yourself, that fatty you were is waiting to come back out with a vengeance.

And for the record, the vanity was a grown man who was so vain he'd go under the knife to lose 50 pounds.
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