Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rubbing the feet of the powerful

On Friday, Amy Goodman served up patty-cakes with war monger Sammy Power, leader of Our Modern Day Carrie Nations. A Problem From Hell Sammy Power has been calling for war on Darfur for years -- much to the outrage of NGOs on the ground in Darfur. But Goodman just offered up soft pats and superficial chatter.

Why was that? Those listening to Democracy Now! or watching it were never told. But WBAI listeners were clued in immediately after the broadcast ended ("well we have to leave it there," explained Goodman) when Amy Goodman gushed on air of Power, "the woman who some have said if Barack Obama were to become president could be his Secretary of State."

This from the woman who claims it is the job of the press to hold the powerful accountable.

And broadcast over the peace and justice station WBAI.

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