Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ridiculous Statement of the week

On the campaign trail, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia hold contests today in what’s known as the "Potomac primary." Democratic Senator Barack Obama is expected to follow his weekend sweep of five states with another string of wins.

-- Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, Headlines, February 12, 2008. Pay attention, Goody, news does not predict, news certainly doesn't predict before the voting starts. It wasn't news and Goody's continued efforts to peddle her ass for the Obama campaign leaves her far, far from jounalism. One of the sorriest developments of 2008. News reports what happens. Possibly Amy Goodman could rush over to the Psychic Hotline? Peter Hart rightly pointed out that the MSM failure on New Hampshire was not because the polling was wrong, it was because they passed polling off as news. As Marcia noted, "Amy Goodman needs a tutor."
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