Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dope of the week (US division)


What world does The Nation's editor & publisher The Peace Resister Katrina vanden Heuvel live in? Apparently the world of hypocrisy.

Last week, she hopped on her high horse to scribble about healthcare and included this:

Even if the Post or the Times devoted a full story analyzing the leading candidates' healthcare proposals, how much attention would the two papers give to alternatives offered by someone like Congressman Dennis Kucinich--the only candidate supporting a truly universal, Medicare for all, healthcare plan that, according to recent polls, has majority support? I suspect very little. In our downsized politics of excluded alternatives, media polices the parameters of what's considered "realistic" when it comes to many choices, including healthcare reform.

Woooh! The day Katrina socked it to the MSM?


That's it on Dennis Kucinich -- both in her 'commentary' (which includes 14 other lines) and in the lengthy analyses she attaches to it -- an analysis of Hillary, John and Barack's plans. Would the leading papers leave out Kucinich's plan, fail to give it significant coverage? Katrina's 'suspects' they would give it "very little" attention. Sort of the way she refuses to give it attention and sort of the way she rushes to share an over fifty-line analysis that never mentions (let alone addresses) the Kucinich plan.

We don't doubt her 'analysis' of the mainstream but we are fully aware of what her own magazine's provided regarding Kucinich. Very little.

Katrina, that shattering you hear is the sound of your own glass house breaking.

Keep serving up your Barack-ali and pretend like no one notices.


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