Sunday, December 09, 2007

About those permalinks

It's a rare week that goes by where someone doesn't e-mail to complain about the permalinks. Why do we note ___? Why don't we note ___? Mama Cass!

On the phone Friday, Jim mentioned to C.I. some of the nonsense coming in regarding links. Those with Blogger/Blogspot know-how may assume you pull up the template, copy and paste the code, then copy and paste the link and it's in there and you're done.

Jim, Dona and Ty switched templates this year and added links. Or thought they did. It didn't work. C.I. figured out how and remains the only one that really knows how to add links to our template. But when you do, unlike with the older templates, you don't just add it where it you want. It automatically adds to the top and you have to click to get it to go down once, click again for two, click . . . click . . . click.

It took a half-hour for C.I. to update the links on Friday.

They are what they are (to modify a saying of Kat's). If you don't like them (to steal from Cedric), oh well.

Since we're not people who trash our own beliefs to write a voters' guide, we first link to all community sites and they are linked to in the order they started.

The Official Cass Elliot Webpage? If you can't appreciate Cass, we're not going to be able to offer anything you can appreciate so move along.

C.I. redid the order to address some complaints. War resisters are now grouped together.

Peace organizations are now grouped together.

If you see something you think was there but appears to have vanished, you can e-mail.

While clicking on the tiny dashes (to go up or down), C.I. accidentally deleted Military Families Speak Out and noticed that but fears it may have happened before that and didn't get noticed. So there may be something that got automatically deleted on Friday. If you see something missing, is the e-mail address.

A.N.S.W.E.R. was the biggest issue in last week's e-mails about the permalinks. Some e-mailed to say they were glad we didn't support the organization and others e-mailed to ask why we didn't support the organization. We have no beef with them. We also have no time to play around with the permalinks. We'd planned to add them before and Dona had tried to two months ago. There's a step she missed (a save step apparently) and it wasn't added. It's on the permalinks now.

You don't link to any third party candidates was what two people wrote in to say. Ralph Nader may or may not decide to run, but he is now linked. Cynthia McKinney is running and she is now linked. Cindy Sheehan is running for Congress and she is now linked.

Unless something was accidentally deleted and is drawn to our attention, that's probably it for the updates to our links for a few months. It's a pain in the butt to do links, Dona's been talked through it twice but still has trouble with the new process and she knows more about it than anyone other than C.I.
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