Sunday, November 04, 2007

TESR Exclusive! Condi filming musical!

Condi Rice is not only the current Secretary of State, she's also set on becoming a musical actress! We visited her on the set of Oil! -- the sequel to Grease. In the update, Sandy (played by Rice) has joined the State Department and "Oil!" is the word. In an imitation of or homage to William Wyler, director Jerry Bruckheimer stages Condi's big number ("Absolutely Devoted To You") in several locales. The day we visited, Condi recorded the verse:

You know I'm just a fool who's willing
To sit around and wait for you
But baby can't you see
There's nothing left for me to do
I'm absolutely devoted to you.

On the set were a number of long bearded gentlemen indicating to us that she was supposed to be in Israel. She wore a self-described "kicky" wig because "It's not the 50s anymore!" and explained it was on loan "from the Vegas diva Joey Heatherton."


Though everyone with the project is tight-lipped, we're told a location shoot in Jerusalem is next and later, to show her 'fun' side, Condi will stand just outside the occupied territories and pelt children with rocks.

Not only is she filming, she's also shamelessly promoting the upcoming flick. In testimony to Henry Waxman's Committe on Oversight and Government Reform October 25th, Condi plugged the project by noting that she and the Bully Boy were "absolutely devoted" to Israel.
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