Sunday, November 04, 2007

Like a two-year-old, Karen Hughes keeps waving bye-bye

Karen Hughes, author of Ten Minutes From Normal -- try ten years -- once again she was leaving the White House. In July 2002, it was so important for her to leave to, you know this is coming, spend time with her family. Because what adult male doesn't need Mommy around?

In March 2005, family life wasn't, apparently, all that so Hughes was back in the fold. (Did she ever non-officially leave? No.) Last week, it was time to get out the hankies and bid Hughes farewell from the White House yet again.


Seeing her latest good-bye ensemble remind us of the high school women's gym teacher who repeatedly strolls through the locker room shower while maintaing, "Just checking to make sure you girls are okay!"

In fact, her ensemble reminded us of when the stylish Mary Cheney proudly proclaimed she was wearing the Karen Hughes collection.

Mary never looked more stylish. Illustration from Isaiah's "Celibacy in the Citry." Also see Isaiah's "Celibacy in the City (Season Finale)."
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