Sunday, July 01, 2007


This feature is written by Elaine, Rebecca, Betty, Cedric, Wally and Mike. Unless otherwise noted, we selected the highlights.

"Page Six Calls" -- okay, we begged Betty to tell us what comes next for Betinna. She gave us two upcoming developments. You need to read this one closely for what's coming up next.

"Cucumber and Madarin Orange Salad in the Kitchen" -- Mike, and only Mike, will be commenting on this one. Mike: "I didn't think Ma would write it. In that one paragraph, she went into more detail about the damage than I did. The house was trashed. Ma's still not sure she should have written about it but Dad's glad she did. I am too."

Mike's "3 British soldiers dead in Iraq" and C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot," "Other Items," "25 Iraqis killed in Baghdad car bombing, 3 British soldiers dead in Basra" and "And the war drags on . . ." -- we all live in the US and it's easy to turn the deaths of British soldiers into a sentence and move on -- as many in the media did last week. Mike and C.I. hit hard on it and Polly asked us to highlight each of the above. Be sure to check Polly's Brew today for Mike's column on this and more including Polly's roundtable on Moonbat (which Wally participated in).

"Spying, Marjorie Cohn" -- Rebecca's full of praises for everyone's posts but her own today. She notes that Elaine had a really strong week and we all agree. This is Elaine addressing the CIA revelations and more.

"Law and Disorder: Laura Flanders, Stanley Aronowitz" and "Laura Flanders & Stanley Aronowitz (Law and Disorder)" -- Kat and Mike offer their takes on the debate/discussion between Stanley Aronowitz and Laura Flanders at the Left Forum earlier this month -- approximately 28 minutes were broadcast on Monday's Law and Disorder.

"More Blonde Woman "News" to Distract the US" & "THIS JUST IN! JUNK NEWS DOMINATES!" -- Cedric and Wally's commentary that didn't go for funny, just got straight to the point.

"Ruth's Report" -- we almost forgot this. It went up after we started working on this week's edition. More hard hitting commentary from Ruth.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Pace and Gates frolic in Operation Happy Talk" -- Isaiah's comic capturing the care-free nature of Peter Pace and Bill Gates, two men, alone together in the surf. Very From Here To Eternity.

"snakes slither out of the alberto gonzales cesspool," "the mishandling party plaanner alberto gonzales," "gonzales: the booing never stops!," "gonzales & other scandals" and "gonzales & cheney - hey now, young lovers" -- Rebecca continues covering the Alberto Gonzales Scandals.

"Adam Kokesh (and my rambles)" -- Kat notes Kokesh and the way things have changed in the country.

"Iraq snapshot" -- Thursday's snapshot by C.I. which Kayla requested we highlight because "I didn't see anyone else calling out the AP story." Neither did we, Kayla.

"THIS JUST IN! DON'T CALL HER A "POOR"!" & "Whining Whitman" -- Jonah picked this a as "something you have to highlight." We agree. Wally and Cedric take on Christy Todd Whitman.

"Tony Peyser, Corporate Crime Reporter" & "Tony Peyser, Ron Jacobs" -- all sites posting Tuesday evening linked to the Peyser article (including C.I. who did an evening post for that reason among others). Hilda asked that we link to Elaine and Mike's post which also provided commentary. She notes she will be addressing this topic Tuesday in Hilda's Mix.
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