Sunday, February 18, 2007

25 comic book super heroes


As Ava and C.I. point out in their TV commentary this edition, there is no Kids WB!, there is only Boys WB! Since a number of the programs airing feature super heroes, we thought we'd take the time to note a few who are female and have impressed over the years.

This is not a full list.

This is a list that we could all agree to and on.

What you will not find is any reference to some 'really neat' Archie comic where Veronica wore a costume and . . . You also won't find Lois Lane (not even when she was briefly bionic) on this list.

These are women who have appeared in comic books. Some may have had their own comic books, some may have had long runs, but they were all choices we could agree to. There are 25 on the list and you won't find popular TV characters that got a comic book only to have it and their character fold when the series ended. Our illustration, by the way features five females who are listed below.

1) Storm
2) Wonder Woman
3) Batgirl
4) Jean Grey (Marvel Girl, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, et al)
5) Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)
6) Scarlet Witch
7) Sue Storm (The Invisble Woman)
8) Hellcat
9) Power Girl
10) The Huntress
11) Black Canary
12) Wasp
13) Spider-Woman
14) Black Widow
15) Red Sonja
16) Black Cat
17) Saturn Girl
18) Wonder Girl
19) Black Orchid
20) Sheena
21) Cecilia Reyes
22) Domino
23) Phantom Girl
24) Firestar
25) Supergirl
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