Sunday, December 17, 2006

Next week?

What's the plan for next week?

We just don't know.

There will be an edition.

Kat and C.I. will be out here. Everyone else will probably be traveling.

This means we either need to knock out some illustrations early or leave it to Kat and C.I.

We do plan to discuss the bonus DVD in David Rovics' Halliburton Boardroom Masscre. (See Kat's review.) (Remember that us and plans are pretty much strangers.)

Ty passed on that Terrie e-mailed wondering if next Sunday would be Ava and C.I.'s look back at the year? Actually, that's not what they have planned. They have that planned for the weekend after. Unless something comes up, they'll be focusing on a 'network.' And they will have a commentary up. If everything falls apart and there's nothing else up here, there will be a TV commentary.

We're late this edition and that's not Rebecca's fault. However, we have put her on "light duty."
nine o'clock her time, we sent her packing. She rejoined us at seven this morning (her time). If you missed it, Rebecca's pregnant.

We'd love to have her all night but that's not possible. We missed her and if we're behind that's (a) because we're doing the new schedule for the first time this week and (b) she's the only one who backs Jim up strongly.

Seriously, when something's not right, Jim can bear down like crazy.

Rebecca plans to contribute some next weekend (if so, it will be even lighter duty -- say us -- due to the fact that it's also the holiday weekend for those celebrating Christmas). In addition, Ruth has volunteered to help us out next week.

Due to the holiday, we'll be scattered and aren't sure who will be participating and who won't. (Ty is off e-mails until the new year. If you write and expect a reply, be patient.)

Betty and Wally are both down for the full session and between them and the holiday, it may be a lighter feeling edition. (Betty and Wally write humor very well.)

So, in answer to the question, there is no answer thus far other than there will be a TV commentary.
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