Sunday, December 24, 2006


These are our picks for the can't miss reads of last week. Our= Rebecca, Kat, Mike, Elaine, Wally and Betty.

C.I.'s "NYT: I Cover The Canapes" -- we're trying to have this posted in full. No luck (C.I. says "no") thus far. You don't want to miss this.

"SMU and Baylor in First Idiot Draft Pick!" -- a joint post about the shocking competition from acadmies of learning for the papers of an unlearned.

Elaine's "Nostalgic Bully Boy and Nostalgic mainstream media" -- the shine left the Bully Boy sometime ago, but the mainstream press is ready to use their tongues and mouths for spit polishing even now.

Rebecca's "robert parry was right" -- sometimes the obvious needs to be said.

Trina's "Traditions in the Kitchen?" -- no recipe? No, there's not one this week. If you can't figure out why, you missed the point of the post. Read it.

Betty's "The Double-Wide Friedman" -- Betty had a Christmas post planned and then Thomas Friedman had to act the fool in the paper again. We think this is a humorous take even if it meant, as Betty points out, breaking from her chapter outline.

Mike's "Danny Schechter, Law and Disorder" -- Mike says he had a blow off week. Kat says she was sick all week. Excuses, excuses. This is our pick for Mike's posts this week.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Bully Boy O'Hara" -- this was a bonus comic. Isaiah had planned to take Sunday off (he was helping Miguel, Maria and Francisco with their newsletter) but he read something here last Sunday and, knowing Elaine loves the movie spoofs, decided to do a comic anyway on Sunday afternoon.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Condi Rice for LIAR-ALL Bully Products" -- Condi says the war's worth it. Well no one thought her elevator made it to the top floors, did they?

Kat's "No title comes to mind" -- Kat cleaning up for others. (Jim said to say "Thank you" to Kat for this post.)

Wally's "Bully Boy in the NFL would be as bad as he is in the White House" and Cedric's "THIS JUST IN! JAKE PLUMMER'S IN THE WHITE HOUSE!" because it's funny and it's sports!
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