Sunday, December 24, 2006

Editorial: 2007?

The illustration is how Isaiah summed up 2005 ("Bully Boy Exposed"). 2005 was the year Cindy Sheehan went to Crawford, set up Camp Casey and got the peace movement kick started. It was also the year that the 1,000 mark was passed for US military deaths in Iraq.

The inept (and criminal) response to Hurricane Katrina exposed the Bully Boy, the illegal, warrantless, NSA spying on American people exposed the people, his refusal to meet with Cindy Sheehan and answer her question of what 'honorable cause' her son, Casey, had died for exposed the Bully Boy.

The nation was turning against the illegal war and against the Bully Boy. The opinions on both

only hardened in 2006, though for most of the soft ball coverage, you'd never know.

But that's the reality we're at today.

2965 is another reality today. That's the current total of US troops killed in Iraq since the start of Bully Boy's illegal war. (Over 655,000 Iraqis have died since the start of the illegal war.) The 3,000 mark is just on the horizon. For the 'cakewalk.' For 'liberation.' For any of the lies that Americans used to believe in large numbers but no longer do.

And here's the new reality, via Isaiah's "Condi Rice for LIAR-ALL Bully Products," Condi as oblivious as possible saying that the illegal war is worth it. As the Guardian of London reported, Condi thinks the illegal war "was worth the cost in US lives and dollars."

This from a womn with a tanker named for her.
As laughable as her idiotic statement is, the reality is that whether she's lying to herself or just Americans, she's on the defensive. She has to defend the illegal war.

There's no defense for it but that's what's happened in 2006, even the War Hawks are on the defensive.

The peace movement did that. 2005 saw Cindy Sheehan bring it back to life. 2006 saw US war resisters go public in larger numbers. 2007? Sky's the limit and, chances are, even Condi knows that. From exposure to defensive posturing. 2007 can be about ending the war.
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